Warframe: Prime Resurgence Guide – Aya, Regal Aya, And Vaulted Primes

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Warframe's Prime Vault has seen a massive overhaul with the Veilbreaker update. Prime Resurgence returns, and this time it's permanent. Players can now obtain older, inaccessible Prime gear by obtaining Aya and purchasing Relics from a new vendor. This lets you choose which Relics you obtain, making it much easier to obtain unvaulted Prime gear.

Compared to its original debut, Prime Resurgence hasn't changed much. But if you missed last year's Resurgence, prepare for a much more enjoyable grind. This guide will go over what Prime Resurgence is, how to obtain unvaulted Prime gear, cover Aya drop sources, and we'll answer some common questions surrounding this new program.

What Is Prime Resurgence?

Prime Resurgence is a system that rotates which Prime items are unvaulted on a monthly basis. At some point every month, Digital Extremes will unvault two previously-inaccessible Prime Warframes, any Prime equipment that was released when they first launched, as well as their Prime Accessories.

To get your hands on these unvaulted Warframes and weapons, you'll need Aya, a new resource that takes the place of Vaulted Relics. Whenever you play an activity that can drop Relics, there is a small chance that you'll get Aya instead. You can bring this Aya to Varzia, a Dax soldier aboard Maroo's Bazaar. She'll be able to convert Aya into any unvaulted Relic you desire, allowing you to target-farm the exact Prime gear you desire.

Prime Resurgence has also changed how purchasing vaulted gear works. Players may use Regal Aya, an untradeable premium currency, to purchase specific Prime Warframes, weapons, or previously vaulted accessories. All Prime Warframes and weapons may be obtained for free; only cosmetics are locked behind Regal Aya.

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How Prime Resurgence Works

Every month, Varzia will refresh her Relic stock with new offerings, unvaulting two Warframes and their respective items. Whichever Warframes she was selling before then will enter the Prime Vault once again. Digital Extremes will give a heads-up for which items and entering and leaving the Prime Resurgence program so you can prepare.

The general Prime Resurgence loop looks something like this:

  1. Prime Resurgence refreshes. Varzia has new Relics available for purchase.
  2. Players obtain Aya by completing activities or opening Relic packs.
  3. Bring Aya to Varzia at Maroo's Bazaar to purchase unvaulted Relics.
  4. Play Fissure missions to crack open the relics.
  5. After a month passes, Prime Resurgence will refresh.
    1. Varzia's current Relics will become vaulted once more, replaced with a new batch of offerings.

    For most players, you'll farm for Aya to buy Relics, open the Relics to receive the unvaulted Warframes, then stock up on Aya until the next Prime Resurgence launches. This system effectively lets players pre-farm for Prime gear they want, seeing as Aya doesn't change or decay.

    Getting Aya

    You can obtain Aya from just about every Warframe activity. Wherever Relics drop, there's a chance that Aya will drop instead. This includes:

    • Open world bounties
    • Zariman missions
    • Any Star Chart mission with Relics in the reward pool
    • Relic Packs

    Most activities drop one Aya, and this resource is unaffected by boosters. Aya is also untradeable, although the Relics you purchase from Varzia can be traded with others.

    Buying Relics From Varzia

    Once you have some Aya handy, make your way to Maroo's Bazaar on Mars. You'll find Varzia at the back of the Relay. Speak with her to browse her offerings.

    This menu looks similar to an inventory or shop interface, allowing you to sort by categories or search for items directly. Each item costs one of two resources:

    • Aya: Used to purchase Relics which grant Prime parts.
      • A free currency obtained from missions and Relic Packs.
    • Regal Aya: Used to purchase pre-built Primes and Prime Accessories.
      • A premium currency that is untradeabe.
      • If you aren't interested in spending money, you'll want to sort by Relics to spend your Aya. Grab the Relics that drop the Prime parts you care about, then play any active Fissure missions to crack open the Relics.

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        How To Obtain Aya

        Aya can be obtained from the following activities:

        • Open world bounties
        • Zariman bounties
        • Any content that drops Relics
          • Star Chart missions & endless missions count
        • Relic Packs
        • Exact drop rates may be found on the Warframe PC Drops website hosted by Digital Extremes. Search for "Aya" on the webpage to find drop sources and overall chances.

          How To Get Regal Aya

          Regal Aya is a premium currency that must be purchased. Unlike Platinum, you cannot trade Regal Aya between players. This currency is used for purchasing cosmetic items and pre-built Primes. You do not need Regal Aya to obtain Prime Warframes or weapons.

          Farming Aya

          As for farming Aya itself, we cover some effective strategies in our Aya farming guide. But if you're in a hurry, here's what we suggest:

          • Cetus Bounties: Level 40-60 bounties have a 33% chance of dropping Aya.
            • Clear the first stage and restart; subsequent stages have a lower drop rate.
          • Deimos Bounties: Level 40-60 bounties have a 28% chance of dropping Aya at later stages.
            • Drop chance is 28% for most stages and is raised to 43% for the final stage.
            • Fortuna's bounties are the worst to farm due to their lengthy objectives, and Aya's drop rates aboard the Zariman are incredibly low. You're more likely to get Gyre parts than Aya from the Zariman, so we recommend farming the Plains or Deimos instead.

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              Prime Resurgence Rotation

              Wukong Prime and Equinox Prime are currently unvaulted. The next rotation should occur mid-October.

              There doesn't seem to be a set rotation for Prime Resurgence as of the Veilbreaker update. With that said, Digital Extremes will swap the unvaulted Warframes and their respective gear every month. This means 24 Prime Warframes will rotate every year, which should guarantee that all Prime Warframes will get unvaulted at least once a year.

              For information on which Warframes are unobtainable, consult the Warframe Wiki. And for news on when the next Prime Resurgence is happening, periodically check the Warframe Forums.

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              Prime Resurgence Q&A

              What Happened To The Prime Vault?

              The Prime Vault program has been replaced with Prime Resurgence. This system rotates Prime gear far more frequently, lets players purchase Prime-related goods à la carte, and makes it much easier to obtain the vaulted Relics you care about.

              Can I Get Regal Aya For Free?

              No. Regal Aya must be purchased from warframe.com. Unlike Platinum, this currency cannot be traded. Players can spend Regal Aya to obtain pre-build Prime gear and Prime Accessories, although the Prime gear may also be obtained by purchasing Relics for standard Aya. All Regal Aya purchases come with a small sum of Platinum which can be traded.

              What's The Best Aya Farm?

              In general, we recommend open world bounties. Cetus bounties are the fastest, while Deimos bounties seem to drop the most if you complete every stage. We cover these farms in-depth in our Aya farming guide.

              Can I Save Aya For Future Prime Warframes?

              Yes. Aya doesn't disappear when a new Prime Resurgence occurs. If you want to prepare for a future Prime Resurgence rotation, you can always farm for Aya.

              Do Warframes Still Get Vaulted?

              Yes, Warframes still rotate in and out of the game. This system was designed to make rotating vaulted Warframes much faster. Prime gear will still get vaulted every three months when a new Prime Warframe launches.

              Does Prime Resurgence Affect Prime Access?

              No. Both programs are different and do not affect each other. Prime Resurgence happens independently of Prime Access. For example, you cannot use Regal Aya to purchase items from the current Prime Access.

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