Warframe update time news and Sisters of Parvos release date latest

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Developers Digital Extremes have confirmed that the Warframe update time for the launch of the Sisters of Parvos patch has been set for Tuesday, July 6.

This latest Warframe release includes new content across a number of different areas, including planned features and story.

An example of this is the new Corpus Lich System, which provides active players with additional boss battles and rewards.

Digital Extremes has also pledged that the newest Warframe, Yareli will be one of the most accessible Warframes released, offering new players a quick and easy way to unlock it.

In terms of story progress, Digital Extremes confirmed: “The storyline of Vala, recently introduced in the Call of the Tempestarii update, continues with the aggressive Corpus expansion led by Parvos Granum. Parvos has manufactured a new line of adversary – a sisterhood of elite huntresses who live and die by his orders.

Tenno must stop these ruthless assassins and their ferocious robotic Hounds at all costs. True to their high-tech status, the Sisters have been outfitted with the most advanced Weapons in the Corpus arsenal.

“Players can run-and-gun or hack-and-slash their way through the new Corpus Lich System to unlock additional loot that can further customize and personalize their gameplay experience.

“Players will also be called upon to return to the open-world hub of Fortuna to protect the vulnerable Ventkids. Yareli, legendary in Fortuna for her selfless heroism against the smothering Corpus regime, strikes fear into those who oppress by wielding the power of water to create blades of ice, powerful geysers and a battle-ready aqua board.

“To unlock Yareli’s Blueprint, Tenno will collect comic-book pages for the Ventkids by completing K-Drive challenges in the Orb Vallis.”


Digital Extremes has not shared a schedule for the next Warframe update time for Sisters of Parvos, but based on previous releases, we would expect the new patch will be available to download by 7pm BST on Tuesday, July 6, 2021.

The new Warframe update will weigh in at 2.6 GB on PS4, and 4.9GB on PS5 for PlayStation owners.

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Meanwhile, Xbox gamers will need to find another 3.3GB to download this week’s Warframe patch.

Digital Extremes says they have tried a lot to reduce the size of the patch on Nintendo Switch, telling gamers this week:

“We took a look at how we can reduce the size of the Sisters of Parvos update, and have done a soft remaster of shaders to do so!

“Please note that once the update is live, the download size will appear larger than the update’s actual total size.

“This is due to the remastering process so it will take a bit longer to download. However, once it is complete, the update’s total size will only be 1.7 GB. This will make Warframe’s total size on the Nintendo Switch approximately 23.7 GB (was 23.4 GB).

“Prepare for the update by making sure you have at least 1.7 GB free on your Switch in order for the download and its remaster portion to begin once it is live.

“For the Tenno out there who have not equipped their Nintendo Switch with an SD card and have no other games downloaded, this update will still keep Warframe over the base memory allowance.

“This means that having the necessary space on your Nintendo Switch is necessary to accept this update.”

Expect more news from Digital Extremes as we get close to launch time.

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