Warhammer 40K And Lord Of The Rings Coming To Magic: The Gathering

There are plenty of fan-created cards that already bring the worlds of Warhammer and Magic into the rules set out in Magic: The Gathering. But what if Wizards of the Coast actually got in on that action and actually made fan-service sets set in the Warhammer and Tolkien universes?

Welcome to Universes Beyond, a brand new initiative from Wizards of the Coast to officially start crossing the time streams with about as many different intellectual properties as Hasbro can afford, judging from the sound of it. And first up is Warhammer 40K and Lord of the Rings.

“Many of us imagined what it might be like to play a game of Magic with Gandalf the Grey, sketched out how we might translate the One Ring to Magic, or wanted to build a deck around the mighty Space Marines,” write Wizards in a recent blog post. “In many ways, Universes Beyond is us living out those dreams of our own.”

If you’ve been paying attention to some recent Secret Lair drops, then you’ve probably noted that Magic has been doing some limited crossovers for some time, starting with The Walking Dead and most recently with Godzilla. Universes Beyond will go beyond mere Secret Lair drops with Wizards of the Coast promising both a Warhammer 40K and Lord of the Rings-themed Commander deck.

But we might get some Secret Lair cards in Universes Beyond too. Wizards’ blog post used some pretty vague language to let us know these crossovers are probably going to be on a case-by-case basis with what they bring, whether those be Commander decks or full-on expansions.

What Universes Beyond won’t be is Standard-legal. We won’t have to worry about Space Marines taking on Teferi in a sanctioned Magic tournament anytime soon, but casual play will be just fine.

Magic: The Gathering’s Universes Beyond will start sometime in 2022 with Warhammer 40K and Lord of the Rings-themed Commander decks, and then who knows? Expect to find Universes Beyond wherever Magic cards are sold.

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