Warzone 2’s Hatchbacks Actually Drive Better With Punctured Rear Tires

Warzone 2.0 is no stranger to some pretty amazing glitches, but the latest one will have you stunt-driving around Al Mazrah like it’s the set of the next Fast and Furious movie.

The bug, as posted to the Warzone subreddit by user Netoxicky, involves shooting out the back tire on a hatchback. Rather than making it harder to control, being without a left or right rear wheel somehow makes the hatchback drive… better?

As you can see in the video, Netoxicky is able to reach higher speeds and also maintain a two-wheel donut for an extremely long time. The hatchback’s turning circle gets way smaller when it only has to use two wheels, and it seems like no matter how tight that circle gets, Netoxicky is never able to flip their car.

VG247 suggests that the reason for this improved performance might have something to do with Warzone 2’s wonky physics engine. Turning tighter on two wheels makes sense–just imagine how tight you can turn on a bicycle if you didn’t have to worry about crashing–but the game seems to think that the rear tire no longer exists after it gets shot out. This changes the car’s center of mass and lets it stay on its side wheels.

This is almost certainly a bug that’ll be patched out once it reaches Infinity Ward’s attention. It’s also arguable how much use you’ll be able to get out of it–it’s still really hard to shoot anyone from inside a hatchback doing donuts.

This latest bug is another worrying indicator for concerned fans. Warzone 2.0's player count on Steam dropped to a new all-time low last week, with many players criticizing the game's bugs as the main reason for their departure. But some are saying that a drop in players was inevitable as Warzone 2 is a few months out of launch. We’ll see if the arrival of Season 2 will bring some of those players back.

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