Warzone Player Scared By His Own Shadow

We get it–Call of Duty: Warzone is a high-stress game, and especially so when you’re all alone. You have to maintain constant vigilance for enemy ambushes, checking around every corner, and investigating every sound for a possible attack route.

And it’s even more dangerous for snipers. The enormously loud bang of any sniper rifle is bound to attract unwanted attention from opponents lying in wait or on the prowl, and every decent sniper knows to either relocate or check your surroundings after giving away your position with a shot.

Which is exactly what Reddit user Sajmonation does while sniping from atop a rooftop in Verdansk. Sajmonation unfortunately misses their target, but they don’t wallow in self-pity for the missed shot. Instead, they immediately spring to action, checking nearby rooftops and even below at street level in case any enemies might have spotted him.

It’s easy to get so keyed up in this hyper-aware state that you start shooting even before your brain has time to analyze what your eyes are seeing. And so, Sajmonation takes aim and fires off a round at their own shadow without realizing just what they’re doing.

“My genius is… it’s almost frightening,” writes Sajmonation. “Just killed my shadow lol.”

Honestly, we really can’t blame Sajmonation. The firing range of sniper rifles in Warzone is so far that often enemy players are little more than mildly colored blobs. Sometimes all you can make out is a shadow, so you shoot for it and hope to get lucky. At least in this case, Sajmonation is utterly sure that he sent his shadow to the gulag.

It’s always great to see a streamer showcase their mistakes. Too often we’re left guessing whether or not the video footage we’re seeing was augmented with cheating software or if the player is actually displaying true skill.

Except for the case of Twitch streamer truegatter, who decided to just play with cheat software out in the open during their most recent streams.

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