Warzone Players Are Glitching Through Rooftops With New Bug

It looks like Warzone is plagued by yet another bug, as players have found a way to glitch through rooftops and gain access to building interiors.

Wall glitching has – unfortunately – been a mainstay in Warzone for quite some time, although “roof glitching” is now taking things to new heights. It’s currently unclear how players are pulling it off, but they’re able to glitch through rooftops, hiding inside them while also having free reign to shoot at unsuspecting players below.

The game-ruining glitch is on clear display in the below clip from Xander 2299 – courtesy of Dexerto. The player has their entire squad eliminated, all while frantically trying to figure out where the gunfire is coming from.

“He’s outside,” the players shout, as they try to pinpoint the gunfire’s source.

Of course, the team eventually figures out he’s in the ceiling when the Killcam plays, and they’re all rightly frustrated.

Bugs and glitches continue to haunt Warzone nearly a year after its official launch. Apparently, its massive map and millions of players are the perfect recipe for a bug-ridden disaster. Taking a quick look back at its history, we’ve seen:

  • An invisibility bug.
  • An infinite stim bug.
  • A teleporting bug.
  • Another infinite stim bug.
  • A freaky “Demon Glitch” weapon texture.
  • A self-revive bug.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The dev team is doing everything it can to keep up with the bug fixes – pushing patches live at a constant clip – but a portion of the Warzone community seems hellbent on doing everything it can to pick apart the world of Verdansk.

Until the latest bug gets fixed, we’d recommend staying away from hackable buildings.

In other Call of Duty news, the series will be returning to its roots this year, as the next installment is confirmed to feature a “traditional” World War 2 setting. The project is currently titled WWII: Vanguard, although it’ll likely change before the full game is officially revealed.

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