Wasteland 3: How To Get The Golden Toaster And What It Does

Wasteland 3 is an RPG full of strange weapons and items; however, they all fit into Wasteland's style. One of the weirdest things you can encounter in Wasteland 3 is the Golden Toaster, and how you use it may surprise you.

Unfortunately, you can't simply find the Golden Toaster; you need to complete a few steps to get it. Although the steps you need to take to acquire the Golden Toaster are long, it's not a particularly difficult process if you know what to do. Below you can find out how to get the Golden Toaster and how it can aid you on your post-apocalyptic adventure.

What Is The Golden Toaster?

The Golden Toaster or "Courageous" is an animal companion that you can create in Wasteland 3. Although the Golden Toaster isn't an actual animal, the game classifies it in the same way as an animal follower.

The Golden Toaster can aid you in combat by shooting fire at enemies, which makes it more unique than most of the other animal companions in Wasteland 3.

How To Get The Golden Toaster

You need to collect parts to get the Golden Toaster; however, before you start searching for these items, you should level up the Toaster Repair skill on one of your characters. You can practice using this skill on toasters throughout the Colorado Wasteland.

Reaching at least level seven or eight in the Toaster Repair skill is best if you want to collect the Golden Toaster.

Below you can find a list of where to find each item necessary to get the Golden Toaster.

How To Get The Gold-Infused Mica Sheeting

You find this item after you enter the Paint Mines. It's inside a toaster in an alleyway near the left part of the location.

How To Get The Gold-Plated Nichrome Wire

The Gold-Plated Nichrome Wire is an item you can find in Aspen. You need to travel to the backroom inside the Visitor's Lodge building to find it.

How To Get The Gold-Insulated Power Chord

To obtain the Gold-Insulated Power Chord, you need to fix a toaster. The toaster is inside the kitchen area of the Wesson's Home, which is inside Broadmoor Heights.

How To Get The Bi-Metallic Gold Alloy Filament

Travel to the Knox Bison Ranch and enter the primary room to find the Bi-Metallic Gold Alloy Filament inside a toaster.

How To Get The Molded Gold Toaster Case

During the Heads Or Tails quest, you encounter the Hoon Homestead, which is where you find the Molded Gold Toaster Case. If you don't retrieve this item during the quest, then you can return to the Hoon Homestead later to pick it up.

How To Get The Gold-Plated Hammer

The final item you need to acquire is the Gold-Plated Hammer. This hammer is in Aspen, inside of the Little Hell vault, which requires you to have either a key or a level ten Lockpick skill to open. Once you get the Gold-Plated Hammer, you won't need to collect anything else.

How To Assemble The Golden Toaster

Once you have collected every item required, you can find and enter the Toaster Repair Academy. You can then use the items you found to craft the Golden Toaster.

After you have the Golden Toaster, place it upon the altar to receive the Golden Toaster animal companion.

The Golden Toaster's name is Courageous. You can now bring Courageous on your Wasteland adventures. This companion shoots fire, which is quite unique for a toaster.

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