Watch Dogs: Legion – Finding Bagley Mission Guide

You might think that Watch Dogs: Legion is out of new missions to give you by the time you complete the main campaign, but the game has a few more tricks up its sleeve after the credits roll. In fact, the post game is where the developers were able to really crank up the difficulty in their side missions, especially with the Finding Bagley mission. You’re given essentially no help in figuring out where you need to go for this mission, and unless you’ve memorized the map, you’re going to need more than a hacker to complete this mission. Here’s our guide on the Finding Bagley side mission in Watch Dogs: Legion.

Finding Bagley Mission Guide

Once you’ve fully completed the main story you can pick up this mission at the DedSec safehouse. Just enter in and interact with Bagley to hear his theory about possibly being a human before an AI. He gives you a series of images you need to go track down so he can begin remembering his past life. This is where things get tricky. Unlike a normal mission, there are no waypoints or anything to help you find the locations aside from the pictures you get.

Image One Location:

The first image you need to find a photograph is The National Gallery in the City of Westminster. It’s just a bit North from the safehouse in Trafalgar Square. Stand in front of the building and you’ll get a notification that the memory is nearby. Snap a picture of it to complete this memory.

Image Two Location

Next up is the iconic Millennium Wheel in Lambeth, located right on the water. This is probably the easiest of the bunch to find, so just head over and grab your picture.

Image Three Location

Making your way up North into Islington & Hackney, the third image is of the World of Tomorrow. Walk in the front gate and line up a shot of the cocktail area to check this one off the list.

Image Four Location

Back in Lambeth, the fourth image is the Brixton Recreation Centre. This is a fairly easy to miss building, so just keep an eye out for the notification that the memory is nearby and look for the logo of the man with the ball.

Image Five Location

Over in Camden your next stop is going to be the Crosier & Cherry Tree. This little bar is tucked in an alleyway near the Viaduct. You’ll need to take a picture of the bar from inside for this one to count.

Image Six Location

Just North of the safehouse again in Westminster, go to the Duck Island Cottage in the park. Your target is the little white house with the wooden gazebo nearby.

Image Seven Location

At the far West end of the park in Westminster is Wellington Arch. This is another one that’s hard to miss once you know where it is.

Image Eight Location

The final image for this first part is Guy’s Hospital in Southwark. Odds are you’ve been by here a number of times already, so just grab a picture and you’ll be all set.

Image Nine Location

Only after completing the previous eight pictures will this final one unlock, which will take you to the Walkie talkie bar in the City of London. Head into the this massive building and ride the elevator up to the bar and aim your camera out the windows to collect the final photo. Once you’ve got it, you can go meet Bagley at the St. Pancras Grande Hotel for a final cutscene.

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