Watch: Hilarious Gameplay Of Trover Saves The Universe On Quest

Trover Saves the Universe hits Oculus Quest today and it’s just as good as it’s ever been. Check out the first 17 minutes of Quest gameplay to see how it fairs:

When I first played Trover Saves the Universe, Tanya Watson from Squanch Games handed me a PSVR headset with googly eyes on it. I smiled and I don’t think I stopped smiling until I was out of the elevator on my way to my next GDC appointment.

In Trover Saves the Universe you play as a Chairorpian, a being from a planet of perpetually chair-bound people. Using your handheld device, shaped like a game controller, you spin your chair around and teleport to stationary nodes to move around. Once Trover arrives he lets you take control of him using the thumb sticks and face buttons of the Touch controllers. The entire game is like this: it’s one giant, hilarious, meta experience that is fully aware it’s a video game and constantly breaks the fourth wall.

At one point in the gameplay demo above I demonstrate this by not pressing a button even though a character is yelling at me to leave. If you just linger, they’ll continue to argue. I genuinely don’t know how long this can go on,since they continue to have new and hilarious things to say for quite a while.

Like any good source of comedy, revisiting Trover still brought smiles to my face even though the jokes were no longer brand new. The bright, colorful style looks almost as good as ever on Oculus Quest. You can tell the resolution isn’t quite as sharp as the PC counterpart and some textures are a little undefined, like in the starting town when you try to read things on objects at a distance, but it doesn’t impact actually enjoying the game at all.

Here is our interview with Rick & Morty Co-Creator and Squanch Games Co-Founder, Justin Roiland from E3 2019 last year:

One of my favorite things about Trover, and Squanch Games VR content in general, is just how deep the dialogue goes. This isn’t like most games where an NPC issues you a command or response then stops. These characters will not shut up and continue to spew hilarious, vulgar, and often unrelated dribble that’s nearly impossible not to laugh at. Obviously if you don’t like Justin Roiland’s sense of humor or don’t like Rick & Morty, then sure, you might not laugh much, but I’d wager you’re in the minority.

If you missed out on playing Trover on PSVR, PC VR, or in non-VR, the Quest version is extremely solid and serves as a great way to check out the game on the go. You can watch the first 17 or so minutes of gameplay footage in the video at the top of this post.

Here’s the trailer we debuted earlier this week during the UploadVR Showcase: Summer Edition 2020:

Trover Saves the Universe releases for Oculus Quest today for $29.99.Read our full original review of Trover from when it launched first on PSVR.

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