Weird West: How To Upgrade Weapons

While playing the Weird West, you're likely to get yourself into all sorts of combat scenarios. You may be against wraiths, bears, pigmen, humans, or any other bloodthirsty being. Regardless of whom you're against, you rarely have the numbers advantage. Even if you have a full posse, you're usually outnumbered.

As a result, some of these battles can be really difficult to win. It's a lot easier, though, if you have some strong firepower. If you don't want to spend your hard-earned dollars, the best way to acquire good weapons is by upgrading your current arsenal. Here's how you do that.

The Weapons You Can Upgrade

You're able to upgrade most of the weapons in the game, regardless of whether it's a machete or a shotgun. It's only the unique ones, like the legendary guns or Ol' Blue, that you can't alter.

Each upgradable weapon has four levels:

  • Regular Weapon (lowest)
  • Copper Weapon
  • Silver Weapon
  • Gold Weapon (highest)

You can only boost a weapon up one level at a time. For example, you can't turn a regular gun into a golden one as only silver weapons can become gold.

The Materials Needed

You can't conjure up upgrades from thin air – you must have the correct materials first. Thankfully, in the Weird West, you aren't required to gather ten different items for an upgrade. All you need are copper, silver, or golden nuggets.

You can acquire all of those things from various places. For instance, you may find them in chests, on bodies, or you can mine them yourself using a pickaxe.

While looking for those ingredients, you might locate some copper, silver, or gold bars, which you can smelt into nuggets using the forge.

How many nuggets you need depends on the weapon you're trying to create:

  • Copper Weapon – Requires two copper nuggets.
  • Silver Weapon – Requires seven silver nuggets.
  • Gold Weapon – Requires ten gold nuggets.

How To Upgrade

To actually upgrade the weapons, you need to head to a blacksmith's forge. These things are marked with a hammer and anvil on the map – Grackle has one near the stables and saloon.

Go up to the forge with the materials and the weapon you want to upgrade. Hit the button on-screen to bring up a menu of things you can create with your current supplies. Simply select the weapon you want to create.

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