Wendy‘s releases tabletop RPG game Feast Of Legends

After KFC released their own dating sim, rival fast food chain Wendy’s has hit back with… a parody of Dungeons & Dungeons?

Once again, we’re as shocked as you are to find out that none of the above details are clickbait and it is in fact true: fast food chain Wendy’s has released a tabletop role-playing game filled to the brim with food puns.

But, just like KFC’s I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator, a lot of effort has gone into the game, which weighs in at as a hefty 100 pages of rules and really rather nice artwork.

Feast Of Legends, as it’s called, features a campaign named Rise From The Deep Freeze and although it’s less complex than actual Dungeons & Dungeons it does seem to feature similar rules and concepts and probably would be a good introduction to tabletop role-playing if you wanted to give it a go.

As far as we can tell from a quick google there are no Wendy’s in the UK anymore but you can still download the rulebook anyway from this page.

Whether they’re going to let people sit for hours in their restaurants rolling 12D dice around the place we’re not sure, but that’s the risk they run from creating such a thing.

Although Feast Of Legends isn’t a video game, purveyors of junk food do have a long history of using them to promote their wares.

That includes everything from Cool Spot on the Mega Drive and SNES to Pepsiman on the PlayStation, although the most accomplished are still probably McDonald’s Global Gladiators by Earthworm Jim creator Dave Perry and McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure by Gunstar Heroes makers Treasure.

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