What Remains Of Edith Finch: A Guide To All Achievements

Although it is a fairly short game, What Remains of Edith Finch packs more than enough of a gut punch to leave you a quivering mess on your couch by the time the credits roll. Following the titular Edith Finch as she roams through her old family house, the player, alongside Edith, discovers the true nature of her family’s curse and why her mother left their home in the first place.

The achievements and trophies that you can obtain in What Remains of Edith Finch aren’t overly complicated and are made even easier by the fact that, once you have completed the game, you can go back and easily grab an achievement if you missed it the first time around.

Everything Ends

The first achievement is likely going to be one of the last you will actually unlock, as, like its description suggests, you need to have finished all stories in the game first. Since you need to finish every story in order to reach the final scene, there is no way you can miss this if you simply complete the game once. However, this is only one of a few achievements that you won’t miss, as the rest are far easier to miss on a single playthrough.

A Closer Look

This achievement sounds easy enough, having you look inside all bedroom peepholes and telescopes long enough to hear her commentary. While the achievement specifies that you need to look long enough for Edith to share her thoughts, the amount of time you need to wait is fairly small and you are unlikely to accidentally exit out of a peephole once you realize that she has something to say. The only ones you may miss are the telescope pointed out to sea in the graveyard, as you can very easily walk past it without looking in it, as well as the library on the left of the front door.

All Roads

In order to unlock this achievement, you need to take both paths towards the Finch house, one on the left that follows the main road and where you encounter a deer, while the other is following the forest path the quite easy to miss and comes out closer to the carport.

While you can walk all the way to the Finch house down one path, then turn around, go back the way you came, then take the secondary path, Edith’s walking speed is fairly slow and it may be quicker to simple re-do this level once you have finished the game and take the alternative path, as you don’t need to take both paths in the same playthrough.

Great Owl

During Molly Finch’s sequence, you will be in control of multiple animals, including a cat, shark, and an owl. In the owl sequence, you need to hunt down and grab two rabbits once they appear on screen, with this particular achievement only given you one chance at each rabbit. Thankfully, the swooping action isn’t too hard to control and you can dive early to skim the ground and make catching each rabbit much easier, as approaching from above can cause you to miss your target.

Let Him Finish

This achievement, also found in Molly’s sequence, is a much easier one to miss, especially if you are getting caught up in the fun of eating sailors as a tentacled sea monster. After going up the stairs and entering the upper level, there will be a sailor resting his head on a bench singing Drunken Sailor, which you need to let him finish his song in order to unlock the achievement. Unfortunately, this song goes on for quite some time, so it might be best to simply put the controller down and come back to it once he’s done.

Clear The Table

The sequence where this achievement unlocks is a little confusing since you enter the basement as Edith only after learning about the true function of the music box during Barbara’s story. However, this achievement is actually unlocked during this sequence, when she goes into the basement while holding a crutch that she can swing around. This is how you get the balls off of the pool table, though it make take a few tries to get the right angle, as they aren’t designed to be hit with a crutch in the first place.


In easily the most depressing sequence in What Remains of Edith Finch, you play as Gregory while he is taking a bath, imagining all of his toys dancing around him while the tub fills up with water. In order to unlock this achievement, you need to knock all of the letters off of the side of the tub using the frog you control for this sequence.

Like with the pool balls, this can be a little challenging to pull off, though there is no time limit to complete this until after the tub starts filling with water, so you can do this easily at any point before Gregory’s untimely death.

Thanks, Johann!

Like the Everything Ends achievement, the Thanks, Johann! achievement is impossible to miss so long as you simply finish the game. In order for the achievement to unlock, all you have to do is watch the final sequence of the game, along with the end credits, without skipping ahead to the end, as Johann’s name shows up just after the halfway point of the credit roll.


Of all the achievements in What Remains of Edith Finch, this is the only one where you can’t unlock it without playing through Calvin’s sequence a second time. All you have to do is go through the level select menu and pick out Calvin’s story, then play through it as normal until he is sent flying off of the cliff edge and into the ocean.

Wildlife Photographer

One of the easier achievements to miss is Wildlife Photographer, where you have to take a photo of a rabbit during Sam’s sequence with Edith’s mother, Dawn. After taking the first photo of Dawn, the scenery will change to a rainy setting outside, where Dawn is waiting impatiently for Sam to take her photo. Here, if you look to the right of Dawn, just below the sign for Odin Finch National Park, there should be a rabbit sitting in front of the sign, which will unlock the final achievement if you take a photo of it.

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