Where Winds Meet Gameplay Reveal Combines Assassin’s Creed And Ghost Of Tsushima

Where Winds Meet was a surprise announcement during Gamescom's Opening Night Live last summer and the action RPG intriged with its setting and touted gameplay features.

Where Winds Meet has more fully fleshed out with a gameplay reveal on YouTube (linked below). Set during the final days of China's Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms era, a tumultuous period from 907 to 979 AD that led to the start of the Song dynasty, Where Winds Meet looks like a cross of Assassin's Creed and Ghost of Tsushima from initial impressions, albeit with heavier RPG elements and an even more detailed world.

It is an in-depth reveal with the developer Everstone Studios showing off an hour's worth of gameplay in a live stream. The video is in Chinese but you get a good look at the visuals, environments, and gameplay aspects of Where Winds Meet.

With fields of fluttering willowherb and woods of gingko trees, herds of deer, bears, eagles, the video begins in a more rural landscape and the player-character can certainly hunt all these animals. A slow-mo aspect of combat was shown off in a fight with a bear while the player can melee and use Wuxia moves alongside their weapons.

The developer showed a time skip feature and the day was moved to sunset. Oh and also you can ride goats although they don't make the best riding animals since they will buck you off sooner or later. Moving along, some of the game's settlements were shown off. In this time period, there were large towns and cities, but these weren't featured in the gameplay reveal.

In a previous trailer, the developers touted that the player had many options for how to play the game. You could become a doctor or a bodyguard or even an architect, for example, but perhaps this will be more fully shown off in later videos.

At a fort, the stealthing system was shown off with the player-character able to peek around corners. The world was pleasingly large and detailed though so the video is well worth checking out to see how much the developer has already built into this world. Skip to 49:21 to see a charismatic goose!

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