Which Final Fantasy 10 Character Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Final Fantasy 10 was the first in the Final Fantasy franchise to release for the PlayStation 2. It introduced a whole new generation of fans to the series but also rewarded long-term fans with the benefits of new technology. This meant improved graphics, voice-overs, and better cutscenes, and more.

Players loved the in-depth and emotional storyline, new Blitzball minigame, and host of interesting characters. If gamers ever felt that they related to one of the characters a bit more than others, perhaps it’s because they share the same personality attributed to a Zodiac sign. We’ve pulled together a list of the 12 characters from Final Fantasy 10 that best represent each Zodiac sign below.

12 Aquarius — Rikku

Those born between January 20th and February 18th fall under the Aquarius Zodiac sign. Aquariuses can be quiet and shy while at other times, they are highly energetic. Much like the young Al Bhed girl Rikku, the Aquarius sign is progressive and forward-thinking.

They value their friendships highly and will go out of their way to help others — especially those close to them. That’s very apparent in how Rikku tries to save Yuna from her sad fate. Aquarius signs are also fun-loving and young at heart which can see from Rikku in Final Fantasy X-2, as well.

11 Pisces — Lulu

Those born between February 19th and March 20th fall under the Pisces Zodiac sign. Those who are Pisces are known for being intuitive, gentle, and wise much like the stoic character Lulu. They are protective of loved ones, very selfless, and always willing to help others without any promise of anything in return.

Additionally, Pisces are known to be creative and often have very individual tastes such as Lulu expressing herself with her more gothic fashion sense. Faithful and caring, Lulu is the perfect character to embody the Pisces sign.

10 Aries — Kimahri

Those born between March 21st and April 19th fall under the Aries Zodiac sign. Some might think would befit the Leo Zodiac sign due to his more leonine physical appearance. But Kimarhi’s personality is definitely more in line with Aries. This sign is known for their strength, courage, and for always being level-headed much like Kimahri.

Those born under Aries are kindhearted, helpful, and driven to succeed. Kimahri not only dedicates himself to Yuna as her guardian but also aims to reclaim his honor from the other Ronso. However, Aries are known to be short-tempered and can be quite aggressive. Kimarhi displays this when he is angry towards those he sees as threatening those dear to him.

9 Taurus — Auron

Those born between April 20th and May 20th fall under the Taurus Zodiac sign. Anyone who is a Taurus is reliable, practical, and responsible. Unfortunately, they can also be very stubborn and uncompromising much like Auron. But Tauruses make great friends as they are very loyal even if they can be over-protective at times.

Auron is the perfect fit for the Taurus Zodiac sign with his vigilant nature and obstinance preventing him from becoming Braska’s Final Summon. Auron clearly saw the flaws in the endless cycle of Sin. Despite dying, Auron’s strength of will and loyalty to Braska and Jecht made him remain as an unsent.

8 Gemini — Yuna

Those born between May 21st and June 20th fall under the Gemini Zodiac sign. Geminis are very gentle, affectionate, and kind-hearted people known for their curiosity and love of exploring the world around them. They are sociable and fun-loving people, but they can also be quite nervous at times.

Geminis represent duality and often represent two different personalities much like Yuna is torn between her two heritages. She must fulfill her role of being a summoner and balance a more carefree Al Bhed ancestry that fans can see in her two differently color eyes.

7 Cancer — Seymour

Those born between June 21st and July 22nd fall under the Cancer Zodiac sign. Though Seymour is one of the antagonists of Final Fantasy 10, he becomes that way due to his traumatic childhood and having to witness his mother sacrificing herself to become a fayth at a young age.

People born as Cancer are tenacious, highly imaginative, and persuasive. That persuasiveness can quickly morph into manipulation — as is the case with Seymour. This sign can be very emotional and sentimental which Seymour shows in his love for his mother. Additionally, they are prone to being suspicious, pessimistic, and insecure. These are arguably some of the traits that led to Seymour becoming nihilistic and adopting the dark outlook that killing the people of Spira would be saving them.

6 Leo — Tidus

Those born between July 23rd and August 22nd fall under the Leo Zodiac sign. Leos are known for being very charismatic and they make friends very easily due to their passionate, energetic, and humorous personalities much like Tidus.

Leos are strong personalities to the point where they can be overpowering. But that sense of self empowers them to be natural leaders and very self-confident. Those born as Leos can sometimes be overly dramatic or arrogant at times, but their hearts are in the right place. They are great at cheering up others and one of Tidus’s main traits is his ability to lift Yuna’s spirits.

5 Virgo — Wakka

Those born between August 23rd and September 22nd fall under the Virgo Zodiac sign. Virgos are known to be kind, hardworking, loyal, and practical people dedicated to success. This makes Wakka the perfect Virgo as he is dedicated to leading both his Blitzball team to success and Yuna’s pilgrimage by taking on the role of one of her guardians.

Virgos tend to worry a great deal and can be over-critical of others as can be seen in Wakka’s attitude towards the Al Bhed. They like order and things being well-organized which is why Wakka fully embraces the teachings of Yevon so that he has something to always guide him.

4 Libra — Braska

Those born between September 23rd and October 22nd fall under the Libra Zodiac sign. Libras are known to be fair, gracious, and very diplomatic — making Lord Braska the perfect epitome of this star sign. Libras strive for harmony and peace which was Braska’s main goal and why he was more than willing to sacrifice himself to bring forth a new Calm.

Libras tend to be knowledge-seeking and highly intellectual with a passion for books and teaching. They also hold their partners in high regard which is very true of Braska and Yuna’s mother. Despite the controversy surrounding their union as Yuna’s mother was an Al Bhed, Braska’s respect and love for her never wavered.

3 Scorpio — Jecht

Those born between October 23rd and November 21st fall under the Scorpio Zodiac sign. Scorpios are known for their fiery tempers and can be quick to resort to violence much like Jecht. However, they are very loyal people who hold their friends in very high regard. Jecht shows off this trait via his friendships with Braska and Auron. It’s a shame he couldn’t do that with his son though.

Scorpios are very passionate and assertive people which can make them great leaders. But they can also come across as arrogant or standoff-ish at times. Scorpios are naturally secretive and distrusting which means they sometimes struggle to convey their emotions. By having these traits, Jecht always seemed to find expressing his love for Tidus very difficult.

2 Sagittarius — Chappu

Those born between November 22nd and December 21st fall under the Saggitarius Zodiac sign. Wakka’s younger brother Chappu doesn’t feature much in Final Fantasy 10, but his presence is still known through Tidus. His similar personality reminds the Besaid characters of Chappu and Tidus even uses his sword — Brotherhood.

Sagittarius signs are known to be energetic, passionate extroverts with a lot of charisma. They are more than capable of cheering up all those around them. However, they can also fall victim to bouts of listlessness and hopelessness. But they do enjoy their independence and freedom with many loving to travel which is evident from Chappu choosing his own path in joining the Crusaders.

1 Capricorn — Cid

Those born between December 22nd and January 19th fall under the Capricorn Zodiac sign. Capricorns are seen as very traditional, responsible, and disciplined people. They can wield those skills as great leaders like how Cid leads the Al Bhed.

Unfortunately, Capricorns can be rather unforgiving, but their families are very important to them. Cid exemplifies these traits as he did not forgive his sister for marrying a Yevonite (Braska) and stopped speaking to her. But Cid changed and softened when Yuna was born. In fact, he is very protective of his whole family including his niece and is willing to risk much to save her from her fate.

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