Will the PS5 fit under you TV? Size illustrated in new photos and diagrams

If you’re trying to work out whether the next gen consoles will fit in your house these new images will give you pause for thought.

The PlayStation 5 is a monster and that’s just in terms of how big it is, but with a console so large how are you going to fit it into your home?

Sony has made no secret of the console’s size but thanks to the coronavirus there’s been relatively few opportunities to see it in everyday situations or sitting next to people, but when you do it’s obvious just how gigantic it is.

In particular, a new set of photos from Taiwan’s National Communications Commission (NCC) has shown how much difficulty there might be in fitting it under the average TV, or indeed anywhere out of sight.

The PlayStation 5 can be kept either vertically or horizontally, thanks to a removable stand included in the box, and based on these photos it seems like vertical is going to be the most practical option for most homes.

By coincidence, a series of fan-made diagrams have also appeared on Twitter, to illustrate how big the new consoles are compared to their current gen counterparts.

Again, you see just how massive the PlayStation 5 is, almost as tall as an ordinary TV, and much bigger than current gen consoles – in fact it’s the biggest video game console ever from the modern era.

It’s not as if the Xbox Series X is small either, as while it can be kept on its side the square base means that it’s going to take up a lot more space than a traditional console.

Until someone does an unofficial teardown it’s not entirely clear why the new consoles are so big but its likely to do with the fans required to cool their innards and on top of that the need to keep the console quiet and avoid the deafening noise of the PlayStation 4.

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