Witcher 3: How To Get Each Ending For Keira Metz

One of the many reasons The Witcher 3 is such a beloved title is because of how it treats its exciting cast of characters. Even those resigned to supporting roles are fully developed. Keira Metz is the perfect example. The Sorceress has little impact on the main story, but she remains one of Geralt’s most captivating allies throughout the game.

Plus, she has an entertaining storyline too that’s told almost exclusively through side quests. And it’s up to you how it ends. You’re directly responsible for Keira’s fate, and there are multiple different ways it can play out. Here is how to achieve each one.


To have any say in Keira’s fate, you have to play through her optional questline. It begins with “An Invitation From Keira Metz” and ends on “For The Advancement Of Learning.”

In the latter quest, you catch Keira taking Alexander’s notes on the Catriona Plague. And she intends to give them to Radovid in the hopes he’ll let her live. The quest ends with a conversation where your words directly affect the ending she receives.

Keira Goes To Radovid

If you want Keira to try to parley with Radovid, you don’t have to do a lot. Just try to exit the conversation with her as soon as possible, and don’t mention Kaer Morhen, demand the notes, or tell her you can’t let her go. For instance, these options work:

  • “What’s with the notes?”
  • “Radovid never forgets.”
  • “Do what you want.”

Despite not standing in the way of her wishes, Geralt will still be upset with her decision. And it does end up being a dumb one, as later in the game, you find out that the cruel king had her impaled.

You then get a short secondary quest named “A Final Kindness.” During it, you and Triss go to find her remains. After you get past the guards, a very heart-breaking scene will play out, where you retrieve the body, and Triss decides to give her a proper burial.

It’s a very tragic death for the Sorceress, but that’s what happens when you try to make a deal with one of the evilest characters in the game.

Geralt Stops Keira

Geralt is naturally frustrated about Keira’s secret plot to steal the notes on the Catriona Plague. And the reveal that she’s giving them to Radovid doesn’t help matters.

In one ending, you can stop her plan by force. Select the following dialog options to trigger this conclusion (These aren’t the only options you can pick to get this ending, but it’s confirmed that these work):

  • “You used me.”
  • “I don’t like two-faced serpents.”
  • “Gimmie the notes.”

Saying these things will cause the conversation to end abruptly, and a fight to the death will begin. Once you defeat her, Geralt will burn the notes.

It’s not the most fleshed out ending, but it does give you an additional boss battle. Plus, Keira dying in combat is better than her getting executed and her corpse put on display.

Keira Stays At Kaer Morhen

The happiest ending for Keira and her fans requires you to convince her to stay at Kaer Morhen. To do so, choose these dialog options (These aren’t the only ones you can pick to get this ending, but it’s confirmed that these work):

  • “What’s with the notes?”
  • “Radovid never forgets.”
  • “It’s suicide.”
  • “Go to Kaer Morhen.”

The “go to Kaer Morhen” option is essential as you only get to select it once, and if you don’t, you’ll get another ending.

If you successfully convince her to stay at the famed Witcher Keep, then she’ll take part in the Battle of Kaer Morhen. And it means that Lambert survives the quest no matter what as the Sorceress saves him from The Wild Hunt. In the process, the two of them fall for each other and subsequently run away together.

Riding off into the sunset with one of the most beloved supporting characters is a strong ending for the Sorceress.

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