Witcher 3 Reset Skills – How To Respec Yourself

A Witcher is prepared for anything, but there are times in The Witcher 3 where you might realize the skills you’ve invested in aren’t quite what you need. Here’s how you can respec yourself to take on the challenge at hand.

Geralt is one of, if not the, best Witchers there is in The Witcher 3, but even he can only learn so much. You’ll acquire plenty of skill points as you explore the world and take on the seemingly endless amount of quests, but some skills might look good in theory, only to turn out to be a total waste of your points. Thankfully you’re not stuck with your decisions permanently. If you want to erase your errors and redistribute all the points you’ve collected, check out this guide.

How To Reset Your Skill Points In The Witcher 3

There is a special item found in the Witcher 3 called the Potion of Clearance. Drinking it will refund all the points you have invested in your skill tree so you can respec yourself with the knowledge of what you actually want.

How To Get A Potion Of Clearance

For something so powerful, the Potion of Clearance is understandably rare and expensive. The only one you will get for free is when you start a New Game + run but otherwise, you’d better save up some crowns because a single one is going to cost you 1,000 of them. There are only four vendors in the base game that sell this item, and each only has one in stock. These vendors are:

  1. Keira Metz
  2. Gremist
  3. Yolar
  4. The unnamed shop in Gildorf, Novigrad

If you own the Blood and Wine DLC pack, four more vendors will carry the Potion of Clearance – again, just one each and for the same price.

  1. The herbalist found East of Lazare Lafargue
  2. A vendor in the Hautville Perfumery
  3. A second herbalist at the Castel Ravello Estate
  4. And one final herbalist in the Coronata Vineyard

How To Use The potion Of Clearance

Once you’ve gotten your hands on one of these potions, simply open up your inventory and cycle over to your potions menu. You’ll find the Potion of Clearance here to consume, not minding the skull and crossbones symbol on the label. After that, you just need to go over to your character menu and respec your skill points however you wish. And maybe make a save beforehand just in case.

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