World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight – How To Get Coins Of The Isles

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Currency is a very important aspect of pretty much all video games. World of Warcraft: Dragonflight uses copper, silver, and gold coins that can be found through adventuring. Finding these can help purchase necessary items needed to complete quests.

However, they can be a hassle to find. If you are fortunate, you'll stumble upon a chest containing a few copper coins, but those will barely buy you anything. If a new quest catches your eye, you might need to focus on finding enough currency first.

How To Get Coins Of The Isles


The best way to get coins in Dragonflight is through fishing. You can go to any fishing hole in the Dragon Isles, and you don’t even have to have the best gear for it.

Specific locations that are the best for fishing are the big fishing pools near the north of the Waking Shores.

Copper coins can be found with the most basic fishing equipment. Though you will find more coins if you have upgraded gear, it’s not necessary. Fish around in any open water you find, and you will eventually yield enough copper coins for your desired quest.

There are also very rare schools called Treasure Schools, which will have a higher chance of giving you copper coins.

Silver and gold coins can also be found, but the chances are significantly lower.

Massive Thresher Mobs

The fastest way to get coins is fishing mobs in a group. Using harpoons for this can help significantly, but there are a few things to keep in mind. If the group is too big, you might be doing too much damage way too quickly. Help out where you can by harpooning targets to reel them in, and join the group to loot what you caught.

You can still join these groups if you don’t own a harpoon. Damage can be dealt with magic spells, but make sure to use your weakest ones. Take off all your gear as well, since you don’t want to deal too much damage!

The creature you are looking for when fishing for lunkers resembles a shark.

Tuskarr Tackleboxes

These can be found in the Dragon Isles along waterways and coasts. This isn’t the best method for finding coins, but it can come in handy if you’re just traveling along the water anyway.

There is no guarantee that you will find any type of coin in a tacklebox when you open it.

Where To Find The Great Swog

Now that you have a ton of copper coins, it’s time to talk to the Great Swog, which is a giant frog. It's located at coordinates 82, 72 in the Ohn’ahran Plains. It will be inside a cave with a bunch of other swogs, brightly colored and sitting on a pile of gold.

It can only appear if you have reached level ten in fishing.

By talking to the Great Swog can upgrade your coins. Trade 75 coins for five silver, and then five silver for one gold. Obtaining different ranks of coins can allow you to purchase different items from the Great Swog.

Trading Coins For Sacs

Depending on the types of coins you have, the Great Swog will sell you items of different tiers.

  • A copper coin gets you a Regurgitated Sac of Swog Treasures.
  • A silver coin gets you a Weighted Sac of Swog Treasures.
  • A gold coin gets you an Immaculate Sac of Swog Treasures.

These Sacs can be opened to get various items – as you'd expect, the higher-tier sacs contain better items with higher levels.

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