World Of Warcraft: Watch Another New Afterlives Short – Ardenweald

Another week, another World of Warcraft animated short describes the horrible things that are happening on WoW’s afterlife. This time, we get natural with Ardenweald.

Welcome to Ardenweald, the afterlife of the Night Fae Covenant. Things are normally pretty peaceful in this sacred grove at the foot of the great tree, but all is not well in this hallowed forest.

The latest Afterlives short showcases what happens to poor Ursoc after he was so carelessly murdered by World of Warcraft’s adventurers. Malfurion shows up for a few seconds to shepherd Ursoc to the Shadowlands where he then gets put in a glowing pod by a gardener. In this case, the grove guardian is another druid named Erulon (spelling pending official confirmation by Blizzard).

Erulon seems to be a good guy who just wants to make sure these dead nature spirits eventually get reincarnated on the mortal plane, but something goes terribly wrong. An unforeseen drought afflicts Ardenweald, although because it is the afterlife this is more of a spiritual drought than one of not enough water.

Other druids show up to start harvesting what little spiritual energy remains of Erulon’s grove, but Erulon apparently didn’t get the memo. He attacks the other druids until the Winter Queen shows up to show him that Ardenweald is dying and he’d better get with the program and start harvesting.

Sadly, Ursoc is culled in order to save the afterlife, but not before Erulon promises that he’ll never be forgotten.

With Ardenwald, Bastion, and Maldraxxus down, that just leaves Revendreth of the Venthyr Covenant left. Revendreth is not a great place by all accounts, with the vampiric venthyr preparing lost souls for redemption by torturing them. Sounds like a fun spot for a holiday, and we’ll probably learn all about it next week with another animated short.

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