World’s rarest Pokémon card sells for £150,000 in New York auction

The rarest Pokémon trading card ever made has gone for triple its previous highest value, in a new record-breaking auction.

If you wanna catch ‘em all when it comes to Pokémon Trading Cards then the price just went up considerably, after a collector paid $195,000 (£151,632) for the ultra rare Pikachu Illustrator promo card.

Only 39 copies of the card were ever released, as a prize in a drawing competition in Japan, and only 10 of them are known to be in circulation by fans.

Current reports suggest the new owner is happy with his purchase, which is more than can be said for the collector that bought a different rare card, for £47,900, earlier in the year, only to have it get lost in the post.

The other benefit of the Pikachu Illustrator card is that at least it has a nice image on it, one drawn by original Pikachu artist Atsuko Nishida.

The last time the same card was sold on eBay it went for $54,970 (£42,745), so this new auction represents quite the mark up.

The card is graded a PSA Mint 9 and is said to be in ‘superb condition’. PSA stands for Professional Sports Authenticator, which apparently is a thing that exists.

‘This is the only card in the long-running collectible card game series to say ‘Illustrator’ at the top of a Trainer Card, and the only one to bear the pen symbol in the bottom right corner’, says the auction site. In case you thought we were making any of this up.

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