Wunderling Casts Players As a Low-Level Minion With The Ultimate Power: Jumping

Wunderling gives a low-level goon the power of jumping so he can finally have a chance against the hero. This new side-scroller switches the narrative and lets you see things from the minion’s perspective.

In the strange land of talking vegetables and animals, the “hero”, Carrot Man is always rescuing Princess Pea from the evil sorceress Kohlrabi. He’s smug and overconfident and needs to be taught a lesson. The sorceress finally has enough and decides that she needs her own hero. From being a nobody, Wunderling is given the power to jump and beat Carrot Man at his own game.

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Swedish studio, Rectoid has put a fresh spin on the classic platformer plot with their new game. Rectoid game designer and producer spoke to Nintendo-Insider, “Being on a Nintendo platform is surreal – almost dream-like. We’re thrilled that our little indie game will get a shot at a huge audience through one of the world’s most beloved consoles.

Wunderling can’t be stopped and moves on his own, so the jump button is the only way to control him. The goal of the game is to get through each stage while avoiding the hazards and obstacles on the way. He also has to collect yellow flowers while he’s on the move, and it acts as a kind of fuel and encourages him to explore. If he goes too far without collecting a flower, it will force the game to restart. Thankfully the collected flowers are saved so you don’t have to collect the same ones again after restarting.

Side-scrolling games can often get boring and repetitive, but Wunderling keeps things exciting by having over 100 levels each with new challenges and new elements. There are puzzles to solve and secrets to uncover on every stage. It also has abilities that have to be unlocked and lots of customization options for his appearance.

The game is reminiscent of 16-bit classics like Super Mario Bros, and Sonic the Hedgehog. Instead of collecting coins or rings, Wunderling collects flowers. Wunderling doesn’t do anything groundbreaking and is similar to countless other side-scrolling games. However, it’s a colorful and fun game with an interesting plot and wacky humor.

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