Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Celebrates 30 Years At Microsoft

Xbox employees are celebrating Phil Spencer’s 30th anniversary at Microsoft, where he has worked across many roles but most notably on its Xbox consoles and gaming division.

While 2020 marks the 30 year anniversary of Spencer’s full-time employment with Microsoft, his first ties with the company were an internship beginning in 1988, which led into a job offer when he graduated.

While working in Microsoft’s internal game publishing division, Spencer worked on games like Fable and Rise of Nations, and was an influence on many of Microsoft’s biggest gaming franchises.

Spencer took over as head of Xbox after the underwhelming launch of the Xbox One, and oversaw the launches of the One S and One X editions of the console.

Now in his 30th year at the company, Phil Spencer is overseeing the launch of the much anticipated Xbox Series X, which has promised to be a huge step up in console technology. While he’s looking to oversee more console launches yet, Spencer has also talked about a goal to build Xbox as a brand beyond just the console.

For more on Spencer’s history with Microsoft, check out GameSpot’s recent profile of the Xbox lead.

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