Xbox Goes Moe With New Anime Girl Mascot

The Tokyo Game is one of the biggest conferences in gaming, and Xbox was there to kick it all off. Xbox decided that it wasn’t good enough to simply stick with its logo, so it decided to create a new anime girl mascot.

Over 400 exhibitors attended the show, which is set to end today. The majority of the exhibitors are Japanese, with 204 companies being represented, while the rest of the world has 198 companies attending. Several of the world’s biggest studios and publishers were given 50 minutes to wow the crowd with what they have in store for the upcoming year.

Of course, catering to your audience is part of any marketing effort, so Xbox decided to create an avatar to represent it during the show. The character looks like it could easily be a champion in Overwatch. Xbox Japan tweeted out an image of the character, who is decked out in white and green with the Xbox controller’s buttons laid out around her outfit.

She’s also noticeably carrying a Series S console in one of her arms. We’re unsure if the cable that she has attached to her is some sort of weapon, but it does add an accent that you can’t help but appreciate. Unfortunately, a name for the character isn’t immediately apparent, however, we would like to submit for your consideration the name “Scarlett”—which was the code name for the Series X.

The Tokyo Game Show is a place where developers and publishers can get together and interact with one another. It’s also an opportunity for them to show us what they have in store for the year to come. We’d like to think that “Scarlett” will be returning in the future, but it’s hard to tell if Xbox has any plans to do something with the character. While she’s ultimately just a big advertisement, we think there could be some interesting stories that can be told if you drop her in a game. Regardless, we’re liking the artwork—it’s got us thinking about Cyberpunk 2077.

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