Xbox Live UPDATE: New Deals and free Games with Gold July 2019 news

Xbox Live Gold gamers can download and enjoy a new selection of free titles this week, alongside the latest deals from Microsoft.

Every week, Xbox One gamers get the chance of buying certain titles at a lower price as part of their XLG membership.

And this week’s new Deals with Gold discounts have been revealed by Microsoft.

These new prices will stay in place until Tuesday, July 23, at which point they will be replaced.

And Microsoft has added in some notable games for their latest round of deals for Xbox One fans.

Highlights include Rage 2 from Bethesda, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey from Ubisoft and Forza Horizon 4 from Microsoft.

And these are a few of the games that have seen their prices slashed over the coming days.

ARK Survival Evolved has also seen a 67% price drop, making it good timing before the big new update.

A new map is being released on Friday, July 19, meaning you can snap up this deal and join in before the big patch arrives.

A lot of Assassin’s Creed titles are also included, while there are a few top titles worth considering with Backwards Compatibility.

This includes Red Dead Redemption from Rockstar Games, Altered Beast and the BioShock games, including Infinite.

While the games listed above have been discounted, some will still be cheaper than others and their exact pricing and value will be listed on the Microsoft Store.

And if none of these new deals interest, you can always download and try out the latest Games with Gold titles from July 2019.

Microsoft has performed its mid-month gaming refresh, meaning that the last titles from June have now disappeared.

They have been replaced by one new game on Xbox One and another for Xbox 360 and Backward Compatibility.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night has now been replaced by the not as well rated movie spin-off, Meet The Robinsons.

On Xbox One, Big Crown: Showdown is now available to download and play until August 16, at which it will be replaced by something new.

“Big Crown: Showdown sees friends become foes as they compete for the crown in 4-player local and online multiplayer combat, set over three wacky worlds full of medieval shenanigans,” the official game description reads.

“Avoid perilous hazards and engage in frantic fights as you attempt to knock your opponents off 15 crazy courses in the ultimate royal battle.

“Big Crown Showdown is an accessible and enjoyable experience for players of all ages and skill levels.

“The one-button combat provides a true ‘pick up and play’ experience whilst still containing enough depth for players to come back for more!

“Big Crown Showdown uses a unique camera system that moves along the track in a constant motion, forcing players to keep moving forward into new challenges. There’s no time rest when the camera keeps the action going.”

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