Xbox One fans, here’s how to check your #MyDecadeOnXbox achievements round-up

2009 through to 2019 was a long old decade, right?

We saw major global upheaval, political unrest, the slow (but certain) impact of climate change on more or less every continent, and the rise and fall of countless memes.

Through it all, though, some loyal gamers have had their Xbox consoles right by their side – moving from Xbox 360 to Xbox One, and maybe even Xbox One to Xbox One X.

"If only there was a way to track what achievements I earned in that time," we hear you wonder. "If only there was a way to collect 10 years worth of Xbox stats, and have them shown in one big, easy-to-understand image."

Well, good news! Xbox achievement-tracking site True Achievements has been hard at work on a special tool which can pull in your global stats to compose a #MyDecadeOnXbox data sheet, and give you an interesting round-up of your gaming habits.

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To activate the tool and generate your own Xbox stats, you simply need to head over to log into your Xbox account in your browser and head over to the True Achievements site (link above).

Once you're there, the site's in-built tracker will scrape your Xbox data and (after a short while) it will tell you how many games you've played over that decade on Xbox, what their net worth is, how many Achievements/Gamerscore you've accumulated, how many Rare Achievements you've nabbed, and so on.

The tool will even go as far as to pinpoint what your best month and day for Achievement unlocks was, and gives you an insight into your preferred genre and time spent on each platform.

Honestly, it's worth a go, even if you've got a passing curiosity in how your last 10 years of gaming look when they're all clumped together like this.

This isn't an official Xbox tool, though.

When you head over to the site, you will need to sign up for a True Achievements account if you don't yet have one, meaning you will need to give the site access to your Xbox account so it can pull this data together.

There's nothing to be worried about, though – this writer has been a member of the site for years, and the Achievement-tracking has no adverse effect on your account, nor does it put it at risk in any way.

If you need more convincing, here are some fascinating facts the site has pulled together from data gathered by this tool so far:

  • Xbox headPhil Spencer’s best year was 2016, earning 11,000 gamerscore

  • No 1. Gamerscore earner in the world,smrnov, earned at least one achievement per day for 3234 days in a row

  • The best score shared so far from Team Xbox is Inside Xbox’sMajor Nelson, with 78,800 gamerscore earned in the decade

Can you beat any of those figures? Head over to True Achievements to find out.

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