Xbox Partners With OtterBox For Mysterious Lineup Of Gaming Gear

OtterBox announced that the company is partnering with Xbox to create a new line of gaming gear. The announcement came out of nowhere and left us wondering what exactly the two companies could possibly be collaborating on.

OtterBox is famous for making durable phone cases and accessories that help keep your stuff safe from water damage, falls, and anything else life throws at it. However, the company has been branching out by creating its own line of coolers, phone sanitizers, power options, and more. The partnership with Xbox, however, can only mean that they are going even further with their diversification.

In the press release, CEO of OtterBox, Jim Parke, says, “Xbox is leading the way to play anywhere you go and across devices, and OtterBox has long been a leader in mobile protection. We look forward to unveiling our holistic gaming portfolio that will perfectly complement the robust ecosystem Xbox has created.” The release expands on the statement saying that the company will be there to keep gamers connected “when it matters most.”

The company mentions that there is a webpage in development that will offer “early access” and exclusive sneak peeks at the equipment. There’s not much currently on the page, but you can sign up for notifications.

We know little about the collaboration, but we assume that this line-up will have something to do with Xbox’s push to include mobile gaming in their repertoire of products. We know from recent announcements about Game Pass and xCloud that playing Xbox games on your phone is something that Xbox really, really wants to happen. Of course, that means creating a new line of peripherals and accessories to help you play games like Gears of War without having to touch your screen. OtterBox touched on this in the press release, saying that a “perfect storm” of Xbox, cloud gaming, and 5G networks were part of their partnership.

At this point, all we can do is speculate on what the OtterBox products are going to be. Could it be a case designed to double as a controller? Could it be Xbox branded cases and game designs? Could it just be a line of pop-sockets for your phone? Right now it’s anyone’s guess – although, now we’re kind of excited about a case that doubles as a controller. All we know is that we’re going to have to keep an eye on that partnership, as some interesting things could come out of it.

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