Xbox Series S Official Trailer Leaks New Details

First Xbox was forced to reveal not only the Series S’s existence and its price, but now a trailer for the compact next-gen console has leaked online.

Details regarding the price of the Xbox Series X and the previously unconfirmed Series S leaked late on Monday night. Early this morning, Xbox decided to bite bullet and officially reveal the Series S. It didn’t give away much about the console, just that it will cost $299, and that it is the smallest Xbox ever.

Well, a trailer that leaked shortly after Xbox’s official reveal appears to have confirmed that. It boasts that the Series S is 60% smaller than the Series X, but that it will still run at next-gen speeds and offer up next-gen performance. It can run at up to 120 fps, and comes with a custom 512 GB SSD, plus, will be released November 2020.

The leaked trailer also confirms that the Series S will be “all digital”. As was announced earlier this year, Sony will be releasing its own digital version of the PS5. No word yet on how much that or the regular PS5 will cost, although rumors have suggested the digital edition will cost $50 less. If true, the Series S might have a serious leg-up on its PS5 rival in terms of price.

As well as the reveal of its SSD capacity, FPS rate, and tiny size, the trailer also reveals that the console will support 4K streaming for media playback, and also 4K upscaling for games. It will also be equipped with DirectX raytracing. It’s a shame that Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a PlayStation-exclusive as it sounds like those puddles would have looked perfect on the Series S.

If today is anything to go by, this is gearing up to be the biggest week in the build to the next generation of console so far. An official reveal of the Series S, a leaked trailer showing off its mechanics and features, and rumors that a big PS5 announcement is set to follow. Not only could there be a definitive leader in the next-gen race by the end of the week, but many people may have made their minds up as to which console they will buy by the weekend.

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