Xbox Series X And S Preorders Go Live Next Week

Microsoft has announced that Xbox Series X and Series S preorders go live in less than two weeks. You’ll be able to reserve your console on September 22, and you can get all the details in our Xbox Series X preorder guide.

Details on how exactly preorders will work have not yet been shared; the date went live on an page before they were subsequently announced by Phil Spencer in a post on Xbox Wire. We’ll report back as we learn more about how preorders will operate and where they’ll be available. Xbox Series X releases November 10 for $499, while Xbox Series S releases the same day for $299.

We do know that, in addition to buying either of the consoles outright, you’ll also be able to purchase one through a payment plan known as Xbox All Access. As in the past, this bundles a console with 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $25 per month (Xbox Series S) or $35 per month (Xbox Series X). You’ll end up saving some money going this route over the two years, so check out our breakdown on how Xbox All Access works.

Xbox All Access plans will be available at Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Walmart, and the Microsoft Store, so that could clue us in as to where to expect preorders come September 22. It’s also worth noting that Amazon, although not participating in Xbox All Access, has a placeholder page for Xbox Series X preorders already. You’ll want to keep an eye on the following listings on September 22.

Xbox Series X preorder placeholder pages:

We’re still waiting on preorder pages for the Xbox Series S to go live, but we’ll add those as they become available.

Following a series of leaks, Microsoft finally confirmed this week what had long been expected: It will have two next-gen consoles launching later this year. Alongside Xbox Series X, Microsoft will offer Xbox Series S, a lower-priced model that targets 1440p resolution (as opposed to Series X’s 4K) and lacks a disc drive.

We know some of the games to expect in the next-gen Xbox launch window, but one big game that will now have to wait for next year is Halo Infinite, which was recently delayed. Both models will be competing with PS5, which Sony has still not announced a price or release date for but that we know is launching later this year.

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