Xbox Series X's Rumored Price And Release Date Leak

Microsoft has officially confirmed the existence and price of the Xbox Series S, a budget-conscious option of its next-gen hardware. With that announcement out of the way, attention turns toward Xbox Series X, which still has no announced price or release date. But a leak regarding the Series S made claims about its big brother Series X too.

Windows Central confirmed leaks of the Series S design–a slimmer white box with a circular black design element–along with accurately calling its price at $299. That would appear to lend credence to the rest of its report, which claimed the Series X will be priced at $499 and that both systems will release on November 10. After originally announcing Xbox Series S in response to leaks, Microsoft subsequently confirmed a November 10 release for the console–but it only said this in relation to Series S. It hasn’t shared any new information about Series X as part of this round of announcements.

We know that Series X is scheduled for a November launch, but the exact date and price are still unconfirmed. The company promised more details soon. It’s unclear if it intended to reveal Series S until after it had shared more about Series X, but the surge of accurate leaks and reports regarding Series S seemingly forced its hand.

The Series S has been something of an open secret for a while, though. In August, a controller leak mentioned the long-rumored Series S specifically, so there were numerous indications that such a console was coming.

Meanwhile, Sony’s PlayStation 5, which is going head-to-head with Xbox this holiday season, also has no announced price or release date. Sony did start to lay the groundwork for an announcement, though, by allowing fans to register for a chance to reserve their preorder.

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