Xbox Two release date UPDATE: Does new Microsoft console have shock edge over the PS5?

Xbox Two and PS5 look set to do battle in 2020, as Microsoft and Sony get ready to reveal their next-gen consoles.

And the next-gen Xbox Two could have one major advantage over the PS5, as analysts gear up for a much tighter console war.

According to Newzoo analyst Tom Wijman, Sony and Microsoft’s differing priorities could lead to a stalemate.

Wijman believes that Microsoft’s xCloud technology could open up the company’s games to more people.

“The strategies are not necessarily aimed at the same audience, so there is definitely a scenario where both work,” he told Inverse.

“[Gamers don’t have] to rely on VR or cloud gaming – there are plenty of scenarios where players use both.

“Particularly as Microsoft’s games will be available with or without an Xbox console, it will be easier than ever for players to play both PlayStation and Microsoft games.”

Wijman argues that cloud gaming has the potential to reach a larger audience, although Sony’s focus on great content will hold the company in good stead. 

“Sony’s strategy is all about offering great content to the people that love to play their games – investing more in VR is just an extension of that,” he continues.

“Microsoft, on the other hand, is changing its focus to services over hardware. Cloud gaming is just the distribution platform that has the possibility to reach the largest audience.”

The Xbox Two – aka Xbox Scarlett – is expected to be revealed by Microsoft during its E3 2019 conference in June.

Microsoft is also expected to show off Halo Infinite and the new Gears of War release during the show.

With Microsoft buying out studios like Obsidian and Ninja Theory, the company is also expected to reveal a new release or two.

But it’s the Xbox Two that has people most excited, especially with the rumours that it will be even more advanced than the PS5.

The Microsoft E3 press conference takes place on Sunday, June 9 at 9pm UK time.

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