Yuffie Comes Home This June In Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade

I’m pretty sure nobody was expecting DLC for Final Fantasy VII Remake, the insanely ambitious remake of the beloved Square Enix RPG. To cap off Sony’s first State of Play stream for 2021, the company unleashed a new trailer that showed off a brand new episode that will feature plucky ninja Yuffie. This seems to be deviating considerably from the original title, which won’t be surprising to fans that have finished Remake.

We’re not exactly sure how this will tie into the inevitable Part 2 or if this is actually taking the form of that, but the sight of Yuffie wearing a moogle hoodie is amazing. Square Enix needs to produce that in real-life or I’m going to riot…though I’ll probably just sulk in the corner for a bit.

Intergrade will be releasing on June 10, 2021, for the PS5. The trailer description on YouTube does not state if it will be available for PS4 players or if it will even be paid DLC. For all we know, this might just be what the PS5 version comes with. That would be an exceptionally awesome move by Square Enix, which could have easily charged another $60 for a completely new port.

That said, fans will likely be waiting for a bit if they aren’t able to acquire a PS5 by this summer. With stock still being low practically everywhere, I have to wonder if Square Enix may eventually offer Intergrade to PS4 players. Being that it was just announced, we’re bound to learn more before its June release.

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