Zombie Army 4 Is Set To Receive Two More Seasons Of DLC

Fans of Rebellion’s Zombie Army 4 will be happy to learn that the developer is set to provide two more seasons of DLC for the co-op zombie shooter. In a new development video posted on YouTube, some rough plans for a Season Two and Three are outlined that show intentions to keep the game going for a little while longer. Currently, the estimate for Season Two is a late 2020 release with the third season to launch sometime in 2021.

As for what those seasons will contain, the most obvious inclusions are new campaigns. Season One for Zombie Army 4 added a three-part hell-themed mission that took players on a while ride. The short preview for Season Two’s campaign features something kind of winter-themed nazi base, so it’s a reflection of the hell one. It could also be hinting at when this season will release.

Rebellion also plans to have free DLC alongside all of the paid content. There will be skins, new characters, and weapons that players can grab to expand their collections. I’m not sure if this means there will be premium cosmetics you can buy, but buyers of the season pass will be getting unique content not available to other players.

All in all, this seems like more content than Rebellion had originally envisioned. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the team had to switch to work-from-home accommodations and was likely able to create more than intended. What better way to reward fans for grabbing the initial game than with extra missions?

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