Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nook Mileage rewards list

Animal Crossing: New Horizons main achievement system is Nook Mileage.

As you complete various goals around your island on Nintendo Switch, you’ll receive Nook Miles as well as titles to decorate your passport with. If you’re lacking the Miles to order a new piece of furniture or a fresh DIY recipe, take a look at our list of Nook Mileage rewards to see what you can do to get some more.

Some of the tasks, like Fruit Roots, will give more Nook Miles as you complete them, but you can complete them out of order. For example, Fruit Roots rewards 100 Nook Miles for planting the first tree, 200 Nook Miles for the second, 300 Nook Miles for the third, 500 Nook Miles for the fourth, and 700 Nook Miles for the fifth.

Check out a list of all the Nook Mileage tasks below, including the new achievements from the 2.0 update, thanks to a data mine by NWPlayer.

[Ed. note: Despite the similar name, don’t confuse these with Nook Miles+, which are smaller tasks to complete every day.]

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nook Mileage tasks and rewards

Task nameRequirementsMileageLeft titleRight title
Task nameRequirementsMileageLeft titleRight title
[Town Name] Miles!Unlock Nook Miles500Nook Inc.’sPatron
Angling for Perfection 1Catch 10 fish300AccomplishedLad/Lass
Angling for Perfection 2Catch 100 fish500CompetantFishing Fan
Angling for Perfection 3Catch 500 fish1,000ModerateBeach Bum
Angling for Perfection 4Catch 2,000 fish2,000FierceFisher
Angling for Perfection 5Catch 5,000 fish3,000Battle-TestedCatch of the Day
Island Ichthyologist 1Catch 10 unique fish300Small-FryPesca Pro
Island Ichthyologist 2Catch 20 unique fish500EnergeticAngler
Island Ichthyologist 3Catch 40 unique fish1,000Pond-RaisedTropical Fish
Island Ichthyologist 4Catch 60 unique fish2,000HookedReaction
Island Ichthyologist 5Catch 80 unique fish3,000Pole-FishingExpert
Island Togetherness 1Talk to all your neighbors one day300UnhinderedWallflower
Island Togetherness 2Talk to all your neighbors for 10 days500UnabashedlyShy Kid
Island Togetherness 3Talk to all your neighbors for 20 days1,000RespectedOne
Island Togetherness 4Talk to all your neighbors for 30 days2,000Ludicrously Popular“It” Guy/Girl
Island Togetherness 5Talk to all your neighbors for 50 days3,000NaturalHeart Stealer
You’ve Got the Bug 1Catch 10 bugs300Freshly DeliveredEgg
You’ve Got the Bug 2Catch 100 bugs500WeakGrub
You’ve Got the Bug 3Catch 500 bugs1,000EmergingPupa
You’ve Got the Bug 4Catch 2,000 bugs2,000SoaringButterfly
You’ve Got the Bug 5Catch 5,000 bugs3,000ScarceCritter
Bugs Don’t Bug Me 1Catch 10 unique bugs300Hobby-LevelBug Fan
Bugs Don’t Bug Me 2Catch 20 unique bugs500Night-OwlInsect
Bugs Don’t Bug Me 3Catch 40 unique bugs1,000DefiantAnt
Bugs Don’t Bug Me 4Catch 60 unique bugs2,000PolymorphingCreature
Bugs Don’t Bug Me 5Catch 80 unique bugs3,000ScarceCritter
Have a Nice DIY! 1Collect 10 DIY Recipes300TriviaRepresentative
Have a Nice DIY! 2Collect 50 DIY Recipes500SavvyIntellectual
Have a Nice DIY! 3Collect 100 DIY Recipes1,000UnderstatedAuthority
Have a Nice DIY! 4Collect 150 DIY Recipes2,000Knowledge-ThirstySidekick
Have a Nice DIY! 5Collect 200 DIY Recipes3,000CleverFather/Mother
Deep Dive 1Collect 5 sea creatures300MidsummerSwimmer
Deep Dive 2Collect 50 sea creatures500Bodyboardin’Beachcomber
Deep Dive 3Collect 250 sea creatures1,000AquaticJetsam
Deep Dive 4Collect 1,000 sea creatures2,000SplashyWinner
Deep Dive 5Collect 2,500 sea creatures3,000Deep-SeaMonster
Underwater Understudy 1Catch 5 unique sea creatures300CeruleanDiver
Underwater Understudy 2Catch 10 unique sea creatures500FreshIngredient
Underwater Understudy 3Catch 20 unique sea creatures1,000SurfingPa/Ma
Underwater Understudy 4Catch 30 unique sea creatures2,000WaterloggedSeaweed
Underwater Understudy 5Catch 40 unique sea creatures3,000SeasideDarling/Honey
DIY Tools 1Craft 5 tools300CreativeEnthusiast
DIY Tools 2Craft 50 tools500CraftyClub Member
DIY Tools 3Craft 200 tools1,000HipVirtuoso
DIY Tools 4Craft 1,000 tools2,000Bona FideTechnician
DIY Tools 5Craft 3,000 tools3,000RelentlessMeister
DIY Furniture 1Craft 5 furniture300HandmadeResident
DIY Furniture 2Craft 50 furniture500EmergentArtisan
DIY Furniture 3Craft 200 furniture1,000PickyCrafter
DIY Furniture 4Craft 1,000 furniture2,000Humbly BegunMaster/Matriarch
DIY Furniture 5Craft 3,000 furniture3,000Destructive-CreativeKing/Queen
Furniture Freshener 1Customize 5 furniture300UniqueEccentric
Furniture Freshener 2Customize 20 furniture500Change-it-UpChallenger
Furniture Freshener 3Customize 50 furniture1,000Detailed-OrientedEngineer
Furniture Freshener 4Customize 100 furniture2,000Mold-BreakingModder
Furniture Freshener 5Customize 200 furniture3,000RemodelingInspiration
Rough-hewn 1Chop 20 wood from trees300SpecificProducer
Rough-hewn 2Chop 100 wood from trees500AggressiveProblem Solver
Rough-hewn 3Chop 500 wood from trees1,000SharpGuard
Rough-hewn 4Chop 2,000 wood from trees2,000PointyTack
Rough-hewn 5Chop 5,000 wood from trees3,000ProductiveSuperhero
Writing a Cookbook? 1Learn 10 food DIY recipes500Ever-ImprovingTest Chef
Writing a Cookbook? 2Learn 30 food DIY recipes1,000SkilledCook
Writing a Cookbook? 3Learn 50 food DIY recipes2,000HomestyleChef
Mmm-Mmm-Miles! 1Cook 5 food items300ScorchingGourmet
Mmm-Mmm-Miles! 2Cook 5 food items500SugarySweets
Mmm-Mmm-Miles! 3Cook 30 food items1,000SpicyHead Chef
Mmm-Mmm-Miles! 4Cook 100 food items2,000GourmetEpicure
Mmm-Mmm-Miles! 5Cook 500 food items3,000CulinaryGlutton
Trashed Tools 1Break 1 tool300RascallyClown
Trashed Tools 2Break 20 tools500OverboardCrusher
Trashed Tools 3Break 50 tools1,000RowdyPunk
Trashed Tools 4Break 100 tools2,000Rough-And-TumbleMeanie
Trashed Tools 5Break 200 tools3,000ChaoticRuiner
Rock-Splitting ChampBreak a rock (after eating fruit)500Sports-MindedMuscle
Bona Fide Bone Finder!Find a fossil300DiscoveredFossil
Fossil Assessment 1Get 5 fossils assessed300AnonymousSomething or Other
Fossil Assessment 2Get 30 fossils assessed500AncientTruth
Fossil Assessment 3Get 100 fossils assessed1,000History-LovingResearcher
Fossil Assessment 4Get 300 fossils assessed2,000EvolvingScatterbrain
Fossil Assessment 5Get 500 fossils assessed3,000HistoricDiscovery
Nice to Meet You, Gyroid!Dig up a gyroid300Rain-SoakedGyroid
Gyroid Getter 1Collect 5 kinds of gyroids300DistinctiveCurator
Gyroid Getter 2Collect 15 kinds of gyroids500WhimsicalStatue
Gyroid Getter 3Collect 20 kinds of gyroids1,000NovelSymbol
Greedy Weeder 1Pull and sell 50 weeds300MessyLawn Clippings
Greedy Weeder 2Pull and sell 200 weeds500OmnivorousCustodian
Greedy Weeder 3Pull and sell 1,000 weeds1,000HerbivorousSorter
Greedy Weeder 4Pull and sell 2,000 weeds2,000VigorousSprout
Greedy Weeder 5Pull and sell 3,000 weeds3,000WildBeast
Flower Power 1Plant 10 flowers300GreenhouseFlower
Flower Power 2Plant 50 flowers500ThornyRose
Flower Power 3Plant 100 flowers1,000HeavenlyRejuvenator
Flower Power 4Plant 200 flowers2,000Sweet-SmellingBlossom
Flower Power 5Plant 300 flowers3,000GorgeousGroom/Birde
Flower Tender 1Water 10 flowers300RefinedCaretaker
Flower Tender 2Water 50 flowers500DetailedKeeper
Flower Tender 3Water 100 flowers1,000CarefulGardener
Flower Tender 4Water 500 flowers2,000CaretakingRingleader
Flower Tender 5Water 1,000 flowers3,000Flower-LovingBoss
Tomorrow’s Trees Today 1Plant 5 saplings300OutdoorsyDefender
Tomorrow’s Trees Today 2Plant 10 saplings500OrganicDietitian
Tomorrow’s Trees Today 3Plant 30 saplings1,000Hay-FeverishSneezer
Pick of the Bunch 1Sell 20 fruit300InexperiencedObservationist
Pick of the Bunch 2Sell 100 fruit500PrecociousBounty
Pick of the Bunch 3Sell 500 fruit1,000SeasonalTree
Pick of the Bunch 4Sell 1,000 fruit2,000MatureKind
Pick of the Bunch 5Sell 3,000 fruit3,000RottenScent
Fruit Roots 1Plant a Cherry treeTwin’sOther Half
Fruit Roots 2Plant an Orange treeTotalFreshman
Fruit Roots 3Plant a Pear treeUnpearablePear
Fruit Roots 4Plant a Peach treePluckyStar
Fruit Roots 5Plant an Apple treeCrispMr./Ms. Popular
Fruit Roots 6Plant a Coconut treeTropically GrownCoconut
Shrubbery Hububbery 1Plant a shrub300VerdantWonder
Shrubbery Hububbery 2Plant 5 shrubs500UnrestrainedSentinel
Shrubbery Hububbery 3Plant 20 shrubs1,000SurprisingSnake
Sprout Out Loud 1Plant 5 produce starts300Field-FreshFertilizer
Sprout Out Loud 2Plant 20 produce starts500Locally SourcedSoil
Sprout Out Loud 3Plant 50 produce starts1,000SustainableStart
Sprout Out Loud 4Plant 100 produce starts2,000HardworkingDays
Sprout Out Loud 5Plant 200 produce starts3,000Green-ThumbedSuccess
Executive Producer 1Harvest 10 produce300FarmingGreenhorn
Executive Producer 2Harvest 50 produce500Crop-TendingCrops
Executive Producer 3Harvest 150 produce1,000VibrantBaby
Executive Producer 4Harvest 500 produce2,000NurturingYoung’un
Executive Producer 5Harvest 1,000 produce3,000ThrivingPopulace
Go Ahead. Be Shellfish! 1Sell 10 shells300Shell-GrabbingShell Fan
Go Ahead. Be Shellfish! 2Sell 50 shells500SeashoreSeashell Seller
Go Ahead. Be Shellfish! 3Sell 200 shells1,000ShiftyShellector
Go Ahead. Be Shellfish! 4Sell 500 shells2,000Over-ShelledShell Master
Go Ahead. Be Shellfish! 5Sell 1,000 shells3,000ShellfishShellaborator/Shellarina
Clam and Collected 1Dig up 5 clams300TidalSeason
Clam and Collected 2Dig up 20 clams500ReadyCoast Dweller
Clam and Collected 3Dig up 50 clams1,000BuriedGenius
Clam and Collected 4Dig up 100 clams2,000RareProdigy
Clam and Collected 5Dig up 200 clams3,000Water’s EdgeMermaid
Trash Fishin’ 1Fish up 3 trash items300UntossableTrash
Trash Fishin’ 2Fish up 10 trash items500Eco-friendlyEcologist
Trash Fishin’ 3Fish up 20 trash items1,000WaterwayCleaner
Cast Master 1Reel in 10 fish in a row, without letting any get away300Mistakenly CaughtFish
Cast Master 2Reel in 50 fish in a row, without letting any get away500Bait-SnatchingFrenzy
Cast Master 3Reel in 100 fish in a row, without letting any get away1,000Wave-TossedLife-Form
Dream House 1Expand your home once500One-RoomLoner
Dream House 2Expand your home twice1,000Single-OccupantBeginner
Dream House 3Expand your home five times2,000HomeySentiment
Dream House 4Expand your home six times3,000Second-FloorLandlord
Dream House 5Expand your home seven times5,000BasementBackbone
Decorated DecoratorGet an S ranking from the Happy Home Academy1,000HappyOverachiever
Hoard Reward 1Place 5 furniture items in your home at once300InteriorSort
Hoard Reward 2Place 15 furniture items in your home at once1,000TentativeRemodeler
Hoard Reward 3Place 30 furniture items in your home at once2,000ComparativeSundries Fan
Hoard Reward 4Place 100 furniture items in your home at once3,000AssumedAppliance Fan
Hoard Reward 5Place 150 furniture items in your home at once5,000AboundingInterior-Design Fan
Good Things in Store! 1Store 20 items in your home300OverstuffedStylist
Good Things in Store! 2Store 50 items in your home500Partially ObscuredTalent
Good Things in Store! 3Store 100 items in your home2,000At-CapacityManager
Good Things in Store! 4Store 200 items in your home3,000Self-PossessedCoordinator
Good Things in Store! 5Store 300 items in your home5,000InvulnerableLife Hacker
Remarkable Remodeler 1Remodel your house once500HomeTransformer
Remarkable Remodeler 2Remodel your house three times1,000DreamyDreamer
Remarkable Remodeler 3Remodel your house five times2,000QuintessentialSpace
Smile Isle 1Fulfill 1 request for a villager300KindlyStandard
Smile Isle 2Fulfill 10 requests for villagers500ReliableAlly
Smile Isle 3Fulfill 50 requests for villagers1,000GenerousSupervisor
Smile Isle 4Fulfill 100 requests for villagers2,000ExaltedSavior
Smile Isle 5Fulfill 300 requests for villagers3,000FoolhardyHero/Heroine
Reaction Ruler 1Learn 1 reaction300OveractingNeophyte
Reaction Ruler 2Learn 10 reactions500ApprenticeDancer
Reaction Ruler 3Learn 20 reactions1,000Dad-JokingSemiprofessional
Reaction Ruler 4Learn 30 reactions2,000SoloComedian
Reaction Ruler 5Learn 42 reactions3,000Super-PopularMega Star
Island ShutterbugTake a photo300PhotogenicPhotographer
Edit CreditEdit your passport300FutureTraveler
NookPhone LifeUse your NookPhone300SmartphoneSavant
That’s One Smart PhoneUse your NookPhone a lot1,000Digital-AgeChild
Shop to It 1Buy 1 item through Nook Shopping300InternetSurfer
Shop to It 2Buy 20 items through Nook Shopping500ConnectedReviewer
Shop to It 3Buy 50 items through Nook Shopping1,000Widely AcceptedConnector
Shop to It 4Buy 100 items through Nook Shopping2,000DisconnectedWorrywart
Shop to It 5Buy 200 items through Nook Shopping3,000Always-OnBigwig
Growing Collection 1Add 100 items to your Nook Shopping catalog300CasualMaterlist
Growing Collection 2Add 200 items to your Nook Shopping catalog500CuriousForce
Growing Collection 3Add 300 items to your Nook Shopping catalog1,000GreedyCollector
Growing Collection 4Add 400 items to your Nook Shopping catalog2,000MaterialisticAvatar
Growing Collection 5Add 500 items to your Nook Shopping catalog3,000LegendaryWalking Dictionary
Nook Miles for Miles! 1Complete 5 Nook Miles+ tasks300So-CalledGround Traveler
Nook Miles for Miles! 2Complete 50 Nook Miles+ tasks500NoviceRookie
Nook Miles for Miles! 3Complete 200 Nook Miles+ tasks1,000Wide-RangingHobbyist
Nook Miles for Miles! 4Complete 1,000 Nook Miles+ tasks2,000PerfectionistGo-Getter
Nook Miles for Miles! 5Complete 3,000 Nook Miles+ tasks3,000Year-RoundDynamo
First-Time BuyerBuy your first item300Full-fledgedConsumer
Seller of Unwanted StuffSell your first item300Down-And-OutEventuality
Moving Fees Paid!Pay off your moving fees500AutonomousLife
Bell Ringer 1Spend 5,000 Bells300InvestedShopaholic
Bell Ringer 2Spend 50,000 Bells500ThriftyFamily Member
Bell Ringer 3Spend 500,000 Bells1,000CovetousPersonality
Bell Ringer 4Spend 2,000,000 Bells2,000WastefulCelebrity
Bell Ringer 5Spend 5,000,000 Bells3,000Name-DroppingVIP
Miles for StalkholdersBuy turnips from Daisy Mae on Sunday morning300WeekendStalkholder
Cornering the Stalk Market 1Make 1,000 Bells in profit selling Turnips300Status-MindedSpeculator
Cornering the Stalk Market 2Make 10,000 Bells in profit selling Turnips500AvariciousMoneybags
Cornering the Stalk Market 3Make 100,000 Bells in profit selling Turnips1,000UpstartTrader
Cornering the Stalk Market 4Make 1,000,000 Bells in profit selling Turnips2,000WorldwideBellionaire
Cornering the Stalk Market 5Make 10,000,000 Bells in profit selling Turnips3,000ShadowyFixer
No More Loan Payments!Pay off the first home loan1,000ResponsibleBill Payer
Bulletin-Board BenefitPost something on the bulletin board300RumormongeringInfluencer
Popular Pen Pal 1Send 5 letters300Art-SchoolBoy/Girl
Popular Pen Pal 2Send 20 letters500Science-yStudent
Popular Pen Pal 3Send 50 letters1,000Liberal-ArtsPoet
Popular Pen Pal 4Send 100 letters2,000SubcultureDenizen
Popular Pen Pal 5Send 200 letters3,000DeadlineWriter
Flea Flicker 1Catch 1 flea off of a villager300TidyWild Child
Flea Flicker 2Catch 5 fleas off of villagers500Highly AwareNeatnik
Flea Flicker 3Catch 10 fleas off of villagers1,000FastidiousCharacter
Cicada MemoriesFind a Cicada Shell1,000Shell-lessBeing
Netting Better!Catch 5 wasps in a row without getting stung1,000AccurateDeadeye
Pit-y PartyBury a Pitfall Seed300Wild-ChildTroublemaker
Taking the Sting OutGet stung by wasps twice, causing you to faint300Teary-eyedCrybaby
Faint of HeartGet attacked by a tarantula or scorpion300RisenPhoenix
Overcoming PitfallsFall into a Pitfall300TrappedReckless One
Faked Out!Get fake art assessed by Blathers500PlausibleFake
Lost TreasureShoot down a balloon and have it fall into water500CatchableKlutz
It’s Raining Treasure! 1Shoot down 5 balloons300Easy-breezySlingshot Ace
It’s Raining Treasure! 2Shoot down 20 balloons500AtmosphericFloaty Thing
It’s Raining Treasure! 3Shoot down 50 balloons1,000RestlessHunter
It’s Raining Treasure! 4Shoot down 100 balloons2,000FlyingParadise
It’s Raining Treasure! 5Shoot down 300 balloons3,000ElusiveVagabond
Fun with FencesPlace 20 fences500EfficientPartitioner
Snowmaestro 1Build one Snowman300Cold-SensitiveSprite
Snowmaestro 2Build 10 Snowmen500SnowAngel
Snowmaestro 3Build 20 Snowmen1,000CoolImp
Wishes Come True 1Wish on a shooting star once300Late-NightMeteorite
Wishes Come True 2Wish on a shooting star 30 times1,000WishfulLegend
Wishes Come True 3Wish on a shooting star 200 times2,000OvernightSuperstar
Exterior DecoratorPlace 10 pieces of furniture outdoors300Outdoor-LovingDecorating Fiend
[Town Name] Icons 1Change the island flag500FlappingFlag Waver
[Town Name] Icons 2Change the town tune500HummingMusician
Island Designer 1Lay down paths500TrailblazingRunner
Island Designer 2Terraform water1,000Swept-AwayPioneer
Island Designer 3Terraform cliffs1,000CliffhangingCreator
Wispy Island Secrets 1Help Wisp once300CowardlyGhost
Wispy Island Secrets 2Help Wisp 10 times500SupernaturalSoul
Wispy Island Secrets 3Help Wisp 20 times1,000SoulfulSoul Mate
Gulliver’s Travails 1Help Gulliver once300FlightlessFowl
Gulliver’s Travails 2Help Gulliver 10 times500PerennialLost One
Gulliver’s Travails 3Help Guilliver 20 times1,000Off-SeasonMigratory Bird
K.K. Mania 1See a K.K. Slider show once300FickleMusic-Lover
K.K. Mania 2See a K.K. Slider show 10 times500CovertSupporter
K.K. Mania 3See a K.K. Slider show 30 times1,000RegularFan
K.K. Mania 4See a K.K. Slider show 60 times2,000The Definition ofPop Star
K.K. Mania 5See a K.K. Slider show 100 times3,000LongtimeFollower
True Patron of the Arts 1Buy a piece of art from Redd300ShadySeller
True Patron of the Arts 2Buy 10 pieces of art from Redd500DiscerningAficionado
True Patron of the Arts 3Buy 20 pieces of art from Redd1,000BoldArtistic Statement
You Otter Know 1Give 1 Scallop to Pascal300KindCynic
You Otter Know 2Give 10 Scallops to Pascal500HungryPhilosopher
You Otter Know 3Give 20 Scallops to Pascal1,000OceanicExistentialist
Set Sail for Adventure 1Go on 3 Kapp’n boat tours300Sun-KissedBoater
Set Sail for Adventure 2Go on 10 Kapp’n boat tours500HouseholdProvider
Set Sail for Adventure 3Go on 20 Kapp’n boat tours1,000VoyagingExplorer
Set Sail for Adventure 4Go on 30 Kapp’n boat tours2,000Family-MindedParent
Set Sail for Adventure 5Go on 50 Kapp’n boat tours3,000ImpressiveFamily
Come Home to the Roost 1Have 5 cups of coffee at The Roost300AromaticBeans
Come Home to the Roost 2Have 10 cups of coffee at The Roost500CaffeinatedRegular
Come Home to the Roost 3Have 20 cups of coffee at The Roost1,000FragrantBreak
Come Home to the Roost 4Have 30 cups of coffee at The Roost2,000RichBlend
Come Home to the Roost 5Have 50 cups of coffee at The Roost3,000AcidicBarista
Stretch to Refresh! 1Join group stretching 3 times300PeppyKids
Stretch to Refresh! 2Join group stretching 10 times500AthleticFitness Fan
Stretch to Refresh! 3Join group stretching 20 times1,000SportyAthlete
Stretch to Refresh! 4Join group stretching 30 times2,000Peak-PerformingBodybuilder
Stretch to Refresh! 5Join group stretching 50 times3,000StoicHealth Nut
True Friends 1Have a “good relationship” with one villager300SoothingPal
True Friends 2Have a “good relationship” with two villagers500FriendlyBuddy
True Friends 3Have a “good relationship” with three villagers1,000FriendshipSeeker
Birthday Celebration 1Celebrate 1 villager’s birthday300UntamedParty Animal
Birthday Celebration 2Celebrate 10 villagers’ birthdays500GrowingYouth
Birthday Celebration 3Celebrate 20 villagers’ birthdays1,000GrownAdult
Happy Birthday!Celebrate your birthday in-game2,000CelebratoryBirthday Boy/Girl
Fishing Tourney! 1Participate in the Spring Fishing TourneySpring-bornFree Spirit
Fishing Tourney! 2Participate in the Summer Fishing TourneySummer-BornChiller
Fishing Tourney! 3Participate in the Fall Fishing TourneyFall-BornFree-Wheeler
Fishing Tourney! 4Participate in the Winter Fishing TourneyWinter-BornOverheater
Bug-Off! 1Participate in the Bug-Off in June/NovemberAdolescentYoungster
Bug-Off! 2Participate in the Bug-Off in July/DecemberRebelliousRebel
Bug-Off! 3Participate in the Bug-Off in August/JanuarySolitaryLone Wolf
Bug-Off! 4Participate in the Bug-Off in September/FebruaryStandoffishIndividual
Countdown CelebrationCelebrate New Year’s Eve1,000CelebratoryMerrymaker
Making a ChangeUse a closet to change outfits500TrendyModel
First Custom Design!Create a Custom Design500AspiringArtist
Custom Design Pro!Create a Pro Custom Design300ProDesigner
Paydirt!Dig up buried bells from a glowing spot300LuckyType
Shady Shakedown 1Shake a piece of furniture out of a tree300CarefreeFigure
Shady Shakedown 2Shake 10 pieces of furniture out of trees1,000JovialBrute
Shady Shakedown 3Shake 20 pieces of furniture out of trees2,000SpiritedGifted One
Shady Shakedown 4Shake 50 pieces of furniture out of trees3,000FactualOutlaw
Shady Shakedown 5Shake 100 pieces of furniture out of trees5,000InspirationalStatement
Golden Milestone 1Get a Golden NetShiningJewel
Golden Milestone 2Get a Golden Fishing RodTop-NotchLuminary
Golden Milestone 3Get a Golden Watering CanUltimateMiracle
Golden Milestone 4Get a Golden SlingshotRoyalPrince/Princess
Golden Milestone 5Get a Golden AxeGlitteringEmperor/Empress
Golden Milestone 6Get a Golden ShovelRadiantSupreme Being
Island and Yourland 1Visit another players’ island once300TravelingPerson
Island and Yourland 2Visit another players’ island 5 times500OccasionalTourist
Island and Yourland 3Visit another players’ island 10 times1,000GlobalWanderer
Host the Most 1Host 1 person on your island300HospitableFriend
Host the Most 2Host 5 people on your island500LonelyChum
Host the Most 3Host 10 people on your island1,000Well-KnownPartier
Active Island Resident 1Play for three days300Self-pacedChill Soul
Active Island Resident 2Play for 20 days500ActiveSpecialist
Active Island Resident 3Play for 50 days1,000SleeplessAdventurer
Active Island Resident 4Play for 100 days2,000NicknamedGamer
Active Island Resident 5Play for 300 days3,000Ready-MadeMVP

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