Animal Crossing Visitors Guide: Redd, Gulliver, Flick, And More In New Horizons

Like in previous Animal Crossing games, special visitors may come to your island on any given day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Many of these visitors are random, while others show up at specific times of the week or day, and all of them offer rewards on top of their smiling faces and dazzling conversation. We’ve rounded up all the visitors in the game so far, how to unlock them, when and where you should look out for them, and what they offer when they visit.

The April 23 update added two new special visitors to the game: Leif, the gardening sloth, and Jolly Redd, who sells art of questionable origins. Leif brings with him rare flower seeds and the new shrubs, while Jolly (formerly Crazy) Redd’s art is used to upgrade the museum. Read on for more details.

For more Animal Crossing tips, be sure to check out our guide to hybrid flowers and our guide to the deserted island Mystery Tours. We also have lists of all the fish and bugs in the game, when and where they appear, and how much they sell for.

  • Weekly Visitors
    • Saharah
    • Leif
    • Kicks
    • K.K. Slider
    • Daisy Mae
  • Random Visitors
    • Mabel
    • Label
    • Gulliver
    • Flick
    • C.J.
    • Jolly Redd
    • Nighttime Visitors
      • Celeste
      • Wisp
      • Campsite Visitors
      • Weekly Visitors

        These visitors are guaranteed to appear each week once you’ve met their prerequisites, though for some of them, the day they appear is random from week to week. Even when these visitors are around, you may still encounter Celeste or Wisp at night (see the Nighttime Visitors section below).


        • When: once per week on a random day; 5 AM to midnight
        • Where: anywhere
        • Prerequisite: you’ve upgraded your tent into a house
        • Sells rugs, flooring, and wallpaper

        Saharah sells three sizes of rugs–small for 1,000 bells, medium for 2,000 bells, and large for 3,000 bells–as well as one “mysterious” wallpaper and flooring for 3,000 bells each. She’ll also give you Saharah tickets for the rugs you buy, and once you have five tickets, you can exchange them for a different mysterious wallpaper or flooring. Saharah is the only way to get certain rare wallpapers and floors, including animated ones.


        • When: once per week on a random weekday; 5 AM to 10 PM
        • Where: town square
        • Prerequisite: updating your game to version 1.2
        • Sells rare seeds and shrubs; buys weeds for twice the normal price

        Leif is a friendly sloth who loves gardening. When he brings his gardening cart to your island, he’ll sell you rare flower seeds you can’t normally get at Nook’s Cranny, plus shrub starters. Shrubs are planted like trees and grow in a few days; their flowers are seasonal, so some shrubs won’t bloom right away. Leif will also buy weeds from you for 20 bells per clump of weeds.


        • When: once per week on a random weekday; 5 AM – 10 PM
        • Where: town square
        • Prerequisite: Able Sisters shop is built
        • Sells shoes, socks, and backpacks/bags

        Check out our guide on when Kicks shows up for full instructions on how to get him to visit your island.

        K.K. Slider

        • When: Saturdays, 6 PM to midnight
        • Where: town square
        • Prerequisite: completing Project K
        • Reward: song

        K.K. Slider will hold a concert in your town square each Saturday after you’ve completed Tom Nook’s Project K. He will play one main song and one encore, but you’ll only get a copy of the first song. He takes requests, too–you have to enter the name of the song exactly, including any punctuation, for him to play it. See our full list of K.K. Slider songs for the song names, including secret songs.

        Daisy Mae

        • When: Sundays, 5 AM – 12 PM
        • Where: anywhere
        • Prerequisite: Nook’s Cranny is built
        • Sells turnips

        Daisy Mae has taken over her grandma Joan’s role from previous games. She sells turnips on Sunday mornings for a varying price (somewhere around 100 bells for 10 turnips). From Monday to Saturday, Timmy and Tommy will then buy turnips for varying prices in what is called the stalk market. Like the real-life stock market, the goal is to buy low and sell high! Timmy and Tommy change their prices every morning and then again at noon, so you have to check often. See our full turnip guide for more details on the stalk market.

        Random Visitors

        These visitors will show up at random throughout the week, provided you’ve met their prerequisites. Unlike with the weekly visitors, there’s no guarantee that these visitors will show up each week; if you’ve unlocked all the visitors, you’ll only be able to get two of these visitors per week since the weekends belong to K.K. Slider and Daisy Mae and other three weekdays will be filled by Saharah, Leif, and Kicks. (Saharah may be able to appear on weekends; we are working to verify.) Note that Harvey is a one-time visitor and will not visit again once he’s told you about his island early in the game.


        • When: random weekday; 5 AM – 10 PM
        • Where: town square
        • Prerequisite: Nook’s Cranny is built; Able Sisters has not been built
        • Sells clothing and accessories

        Buying clothes from Mabel is the key to unlocking the Able Sisters tailors shop. She will stop appearing as a visitor once you’ve built the Able Sisters shop.


        • When: random weekday; 5 AM to midnight
        • Where: town square
        • Prerequisite: Able Sisters has been built
        • Reward: tailors tickets

        Label will ask you to dress in an outfit according to a theme she gives you (e.g. “everyday,” “cute,” etc.). If she likes your outfit, she’ll send you tailors tickets in the mail; one ticket can be used to buy one item from Able Sisters under 3,000 bells. Label will also give you an item from her personal fashion label, which will subsequently be available for purchase at random from Able Sisters.


        • When: random weekday; 5 AM – 5 AM the next day
        • Where: beach
        • Prerequisite: Blathers is set to move to your island
        • Reward: rare item

        Gulliver will appear washed up on your beach and will be asleep. Keep talking to him until he wakes up; once he does, he’ll ask you to recover five parts for his broken communication device. You can dig up these communicator parts the same way you’d dig up manila clams: Find spots on the beach that spray water and dig with any shovel. He’ll send you a rare item from his travels (e.g. a pagoda or a pyramid) in the mail the next day. Check out our full Gulliver guide for the full list of rewards, more info on communicator parts, and tips for getting the rare rusted parts.


        • When: random weekday; 5 AM – 5 AM the next day
        • Where: anywhere
        • Prerequisite: Resident Services has upgraded
        • Buys bugs at 150% of market price; takes art commissions

        Sell all your bugs to Flick when he visits to make even more money than usual. You can also bring him three of one kind of bug to commission a piece of his art, which he’ll send you in the mail the next day. Check out our full Flick guide for more on what to do when he visits your island.


        • When: random weekday; 5 AM – 5 AM the next day
        • Where: near water
        • Prerequisite: Resident Services has upgraded
        • Buys fish at 150% of market price; takes art commissions

        C.J. is a little more complicated than Flick; before he’ll buy fish from you, he’ll give you a fishing challenge to complete. Once you’ve done what he asks, you’ll be able to sell fish all day. He also takes commissions on behalf of Flick; give him three of one type of fish to get a fish statue in the mail the next day.

        Jolly Redd

        • When: random weekday; all day
        • Where: secret beach (at the top of your island)
        • Sells art

        Jolly Redd will bring his Treasure Trawler boat to your island periodically to sell rare art. Be careful, though: Like in previous games, not all of the art he sells is legitimate. Art can be donated to Blathers at the museum, but only if it’s authentic; Blathers won’t take forgeries. See our full art guide for details on how to spot fake art.

        Nighttime Visitors

        The two night-only visitors, Celeste and Wisp, operate on their own schedules independently of the other two groups of visitors. Because of this, you can encounter them and another visitor on the same day.


        • When: 7 PM – 5 AM on a random clear night
        • Where: anywhere
        • Prerequisite: the museum is built
        • Reward: DIY recipe

        Celeste appears at night when there are clear skies. On her first visit, she’ll teach you how to wish on shooting stars and give you a DIY recipe for a wand. On subsequent visits, if you show her star fragments related to constellations (e.g. Pisces fragments), she’ll give you a DIY recipe using that kind of fragment. You can get star fragments by wishing on shooting stars; they’ll show up on the beach the next morning.


        • When: random night; 8 PM – 5 AM the next day
        • Where: anywhere
        • Prerequisite: none
        • Reward: random item

        Wisp is a scaredy-cat ghost. When you talk to him, pieces of his ghost body will scatter around your island. You need to find all five and catch them using a net, then return them to him. Once you do, he’ll offer you a random reward (like furniture or wallpaper) and give you a choice between something you don’t have already and something expensive. It seems he doesn’t have a good sense of either.

        Campsite Visitors

        In addition to the special characters above, you may also find that a random villager is visiting your campsite. Isabelle will announce this the first time you open the game for the day, unlike with the rest of the visitors. Campers can show up even if you have the maximum 10 villagers on your island; you can even invite them to live on your island if you talk to them enough, and if you don’t have space, you will have the option to kick one of your existing villagers out. However, the villagers that gets kicked out will be random.

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