Animal Crossing's Fake Art Is Doing Some Creepy Things

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ latest update brought back two returning characters: the shrub-selling Leif and shady art vendor Redd. The latter operates a small merchant ship called Jolly Redd’s Treasure Trawler, which is the only place you can purchase artwork to donate to the museum’s new art wing.

As before, many of the pieces Redd sells are of…dubious origins, and since Blathers will only accept genuine works of art for the museum, you need to suss out the real pieces from the fakes before you make a purchase. This time, however, some of the forgeries are worth owning in their own right, because it appears they are haunted.

Since Redd arrived in New Horizons, players have been sharing clips of fake artwork they’ve purchased from him on social media. While many of the forgeries have subtle inaccuracies, some have apparently been seen doing unusual–and often creepy–things. We haven’t stumbled upon any of these in the game ourselves yet, but people have shared clips of paintings opening their eyes, while the fake version of the ancient statue levitates when touched. You can take a look at some of the fakes below.

Really makes you wonder where Redd gets his wares.

New Horizons is in the midst of its Nature Day event. Until May 4, you’ll be able to complete special nature-themed Nook Miles+ tasks and receive five times the usual Nook Miles as a reward. This week also marks the start of May Day. From May 1-7, you’ll be able to use a one-time ticket to embark on a special a May Day Tour, where you’ll apparently get to meet another returning character, Rover.

With April winding down, now’s your last chance to catch tarantulas and some other bugs and fish that will go out of season after April 30. If you’re a Switch Online subscriber, you can also grab a special New Horizons freebie from the Switch Eshop.

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