Animal Crossing's Last 2020 Bug Off For Northern Hemisphere Players Is Tomorrow

Another Bug Off is just around the corner in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The bug-catching competition returns for Northern Hemisphere players this Saturday, September 26, and this week’s event is notable because it marks the final Bug Off of the year for Northern Hemisphere islands.

As before, the Bug Off will run from 9 AM to 6 PM. The event is hosted by Flick, who will be stationed in your town’s plaza throughout the day. As you catch bugs, you’ll earn points that can be exchanged for exclusive bug-themed items and furniture, and you’ll receive bug trophies when you hit certain point milestones. You can learn more about the event in our Animal Crossing Bug Off guide.

The Bug Off is a summer activity in Animal Crossing, so the next time it will return in Northern Hemisphere islands is in June 2021. However, Southern Hemisphere players will soon have a chance to participate in the event; the first Bug Off for Southern Hemisphere islands will be held on November 21, and it will return every third Saturday in December, January, and February.

While the Bug Off may be coming to an end this year for Northern Hemisphere players, autumn is just getting underway. Right now, two new seasonal crafting materials–pine cones and acorns–are appearing in trees, and they can be used to craft autumnal DIY recipes. There’s also still a little time left to grab September’s seasonal items, the grape-harvest backpack and moon rug.

The fall update for Animal Crossing is also on the horizon. The update rolls out next week, on September 30, and introduces Jack, the pumpkin-headed czar of Halloween, along with new Halloween DIY recipes, plantable pumpkins, and more. Nintendo is also planning to release an update for the NookLink function early next month that will let you use reactions more easily.

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