Deadly Premonition 2 Patch 1.0.3 Has Massively Improved The Game's Horrendous Frame Rate

Deadly Premonition 2 launched in July, and the Switch exclusive returned fans to the strange world of Francis York Morgan, the hero of the original game. However, while the first game is well regarded for its lovable shoddiness, the frame rate in the sequel was beyond the pale, and the game suffered in reviews as a result.

In GameSpot’s review, critic Kurt Indovina said that once you entered the open world, “the frame rate falls off a cliff; it feels as though the game is in a perpetual loading state.” The developers promised that this would be addressed.

Now, in a new patch, this issue has been partially addressed. Update 1.0.3 has arrived, and in a Reddit thread, fans are sharing their reactions and new footage, showing that the game is now far more stable, despite still having noticable frame drops.

The footage below comes from Reddit user santanapeso, and shows the game’s hero moving through the open world.

Gav, a feature editor at Nintendo Life, ran his own before-and-after comparison, and noted that even though the frame rate still isn’t great, it’s an enormous improvement on the game’s launch state.

This isn’t the first game-changing patch for Deadly Premonition 2. The game’s director, Hidetaka Suehiro (aka Swery), apologized for the game’s transphobic content and promised to change it. However, the patch that addressed this issue made only very minor changes.

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