Faron Woods walkthrough – Zelda: Skyward Sword HD guide

You’ll head to The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword’s Faron Woods once you leave Skyloft.

In this Skyward Sword HD Faron Woods walkthrough, we’ll guide you through this area with tips on finding items, rupees, and collectibles and completing every quest and side quest. We’ll visit the Sealed Grounds and Sealed Temple where we’ll meet The Old One, and then explore the Faron Woods where we’ll meet some Kikwis and pick up the Slingshot. From there, we’ll head to the Deep Woods to do some tightrope walking and learn about Goddess Cubes until we reach the Skyview Temple. Before going in, we’ll open some Goddess Chests, upgrade the Wooden Shield, and visit Beedle’s Airshop for a Bug Net.

Table of contents

  • Sealed Grounds
  • Sealed Temple
  • Faron Woods
  • In The Woods
  • Find three Kikwis
  • Kikwi 1 – Lopsa
  • Kikwi 2 – Erla
  • Kikwi 3 – Oolo
  • Talk to Bucha
  • Viewing Platform
  • Deep Woods
  • Goddess Chest – Piece of Heart
  • Goddess Chest – Pumpkin Landing
  • Lumpy Pumpkin
  • Beedle’s Airshop
  • Banded Shield

Sealed Grounds

From Skyloft, head for the glowing green pillar of light, and drop through the hole in the clouds.

Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Nintendo via Polygon

You’ll land in an area called the Sealed Grounds. Follow the path forward, past the biting Deku Babas (Dekus Baba?), and drop off the ledge at the end for a cutscene. There’s a locked stone gate here, but we can’t do anything with it yet.

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Use your sailcloth to parachute all the way to the bottom of the Sealed Grounds. Perform a Skyward Strike on the creepy pillar to learn about dowsing and to unlock some air vents.

Once you’re comfortable with dowsing, walk on top of the air vents to ride your sailcloth up. Use the vents to return to the locked gate.

This time, when you approach, the gate will unlock. Head through and save at the bird statue on the left.

Sealed Temple

Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Nintendo via Polygon

Head to the northeast corner of the room for a chest with Revitalizing Potion inside.

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Approach the pointy-hatted figure at the north end of the room to meet The Old One. They’ll teach you about beacons, and then unlock the doors on the east wall. Head out that way.

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Exit the temple and head up the stairs. Just a little down the path, you’ll meet Gorko who is being harassed by Red Bokoblins. Dispatch them, and talk to Gorko about the bird statue there.

To the west of the bird statue, climb the vines leading up the cliff and head through the tunnel there. On the other side, push the log forward to unlock a shortcut back to the Sealed Grounds.

Back at Gorko and the bird statue, head through the gate leading east. At the end of the path, push the log forward to create a path to climb up.

Follow the canyon out to the Faron Woods.

Faron Woods

Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Nintendo via Polygon

Follow the path south and chop through the stand of trees blocking your way. There are a couple Bokoblins to deal with in the next clearing.

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Talk to Machi, the creature they were harassing, once they’re dealt with.

Sprint up the sandy ramp to keep following Machi. You’ll find the In The Woods bird statue in the next open area.

In The Woods

Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Nintendo via Polygon

Machi will keep hiding from you. Hit the mushrooms they’re hiding behind to get them to move. Eventually, Machi will head to the west side of the clearing and you’ll be able to talk to them.

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Just past Machi, push the log off the cliff to unlock another shortcut and pick up an Amber Relic.

Head east, and sprint up the sand ramp on the far side of Machi’s clearing. Keep following the path past a couple more Bokoblins. You’ll also run into an Oktarok. Use a Shield Bash to bounce one of its rocks back at it to defeat it.

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Just to the west, look for another log to roll down. This creates a shortcut back to Machi’s area. You’ll also find another Amber Relic.

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Keep following the path south and up the hill. Hook around at the top and you’ll find a rope tied to the cliff there. Use it to swing across to the north, and speak with Bucha, the Kikwi Elder.

They’ll tell you about three Kikwis that are still missing.

Find three Kikwis

Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Nintendo via Polygon

Kikwi 1 – Lopsa

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

From Bucha, look for a low tunnel into the tree to the right. Inside, climb the vines.

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

The next section requires you to cross a tightrope, so it might take a couple tries.

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

After the tightrope, drop into the next clearing. Deal with all of the Bokoblins that show up. Lopsa the Kikwi will call to you from the branches of the tree.

Dash and roll into the tree trunk to knock Lopsa down.

Use the vine that dropped to swing to the northwest.

Kikwi 2 – Erla

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Head north and curve around to the west — you’ll see the Forest Temple on your right, but we don’t need to go there yet. In the area northwest of the huge tree, use the ramp to climb up to the vines on the northern wall.

Climb left until you reach the cliff. Clear the grass to find Erla the Kikwi.

Kikwi 3 – Oolo

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

From Erla, head back to the south and through the low tunnel. Take the ramp in the southeast, and use the root (branch) to reach the trunk of the huge tree. Walk across the tightrope there to pick up a Piece of Heart.

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Follow that root/branch back to the southwest. At the clearing you come to, look for a hole in the ground in the northwest. Drop through, and follow the tunnel you land in.

You’ll find Oolo the Kikwi in the next clearing.

Talk to Bucha

Once you’ve found all three Kikwis, return to the Elder. They’ll point you to a temple to the northwest (near where you found Erla).

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

You’ll also get the Slingshot as a reward. The Elder will suggest you use it on a vine to the north. Knock it down and swing across.

Viewing Platform

Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Nintendo via Polygon

Head northwest to the temple you saw earlier. Climb to the top to find the Viewing Platform bird statue.

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Face northeast, and look for another vine to shoot down. Use that to swing up to the ledge and cross through the tunnel to the Deep Woods.

Deep Woods

Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Nintendo via Polygon

As soon as you enter the Deep Woods, deal with the Bokoblins waiting for you. Look to your left for a large tree. Use the slingshot to knock down the hive. Wait for the swarm of hornets to disappear, and go collect the Hornet Larvae.

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Follow the path to the northeast. Shoot down the hornet nest, and cross the tightrope.

Take the first left on the other side to unlock a shortcut.

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Back on the main path, follow it north until you run out of road. Turn right, and use the ledge to shimmy to the south.

At the next tightrope, use your slingshot to bait the Bokoblin into coming for you, and then knock him off. Use the slingshot to also knock down the Myu — those explode-y, spiky things stuck to the rope.

Climb to the top of that island to find the Deep Woods bird statue. Face west to find a rope back across to the main path.

Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Nintendo via Polygon

Use the ramp ahead of you to climb up to the left where you’ll find a chest containing a red rupee.

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Head down the ramp, and talk to Gorko. Hit the nearby Goddess Cube with a Skyward Strike. When you’re done, shove the log off the cliff to make another shortcut.

Use the ledges to continue north. Hit the next Goddess Cube by the path with another Skyward Strike.

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Visit the Forest Temple bird statue to save.

We’re not going to go inside just yet. We’ve unlocked a couple chests that will help on our journey, so let’s collect some upgrades first.

Goddess Chest – Piece of Heart

Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Nintendo via Polygon

From the Forest Temple bird statue, choose to head to the sky. Fi will promptly tell you about Goddess Cubes and the chests they unlock.

Turn and head for the tiny island south of the Faron Woods portal.

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

There’s no trick to this one. All you have to do is fly high above it, use ZL to look straight down, and then hit ZR to get Link to hop off of his Loftwing. Guide him down to the island, and open the purple chest for a Piece of Heart.

Goddess Chest – Pumpkin Landing

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

From that unnamed island, fly east to the other marked island. When you land here, save at the Pumpkin Landing bird statue. There’s a Goddess Chest to the right of the door with an Adventure Pouch expansion inside.

Head through the doors.

Lumpy Pumpkin

Inside the Lumpy Pumpkin, talk to everyone, and then head upstairs.

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Look for the wooden pillar with the sign about not roughhousing. Dash and roll into it several times until the chandelier falls.

Head downstairs to pick up your Piece of Heart. Talk to the bartender, Pumm. He’s not happy with you, so you’ll be doing some odd jobs for him. The problem is, the deliveries have a five minute time limit.

Your first delivery is to Eagus, the Knight Commander. You’ll find him on Skyloft in the Sparring Hall.

Deliver his soup, and return to Pumm to check in — he won’t have anything else for you yet.

Beedle’s Airshop

Head back to Skyloft and try to land near the Bazaar.

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Look around for a flying shop — Beedle’s Airshop. Use your slingshot to shoot the bell hanging underneath. Use the rope that drops to climb up and meet Beedle.

Most things in here are out of your price range right now, but you can buy the Bug Net for 50 rupees and the Extra Wallet for 100 rupees.

Banded Shield

Our next stop will be to upgrade the Wooden Shield, but to do that, you’ll need (at least) one Monster Claw. Flying enemies, like the bat-like Keese (Keeses?), drop Monster Claws. If you didn’t get one in Faron Woods, head to the Waterfall Cave and farm the Keese inside until you do.

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

In Skyloft’s Bazaar, visit the Scrap Shop. Hand over the required parts and 30 rupees to upgrade your Wooden Shield to the much more durable Banded Shield.

While you’re in the Bazaar (and if you have the money), refill your potions.

Now, it’s finally time to head for Skyview Temple.

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