PSA: You Can Play The Outer Worlds For Cheap Or Even Free Today (Xbox One, PC)

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Just in time to play newly released RPG The Outer Worlds, there are several deals floating around right now for Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service that grants access to over 200 games. That library now includes The Outer Worlds, which Xbox Game Pass owners can start playing today, as well as Gears 5, Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon 4, and more. If you’re an Xbox or PC owner who hasn’t quite been sold on Game Pass yet but want to play The Outer Worlds, here are the best ways to gain limited-time access for way less than its list price of $60.

Get your first month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1

To promote Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the newest subscription that combines Xbox Live Gold with Xbox Game Pass for console and PC, Microsoft is offering the first month of Game Pass Ultimate for $1 for new subscribers. This is a great offer to take advantage of, but remember to cancel your subscription before the 30 days are over to keep from being charged the usual $15 the following month. The same $1 offer is also available for Xbox Game Pass for PC.

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Eat Taco Bell and get 44 days of Game Pass Ultimate

By far the tastiest deal we’ve seen, Taco Bell and Microsoft are offering a free 14-day Game Pass Ultimate trial when you buy any $5 Taco Bell box or $5 grande nachos through the app or website. You’ll receive an email with the unique code to redeem, and you must redeem it by November 24.

According to noted Twitter user Wario64, you can extend your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trial by a month by turning on recurring payments for your account, upping your trial period to 44 days (make sure that setting is turned off before redeeming, so the change registers). Plus, you’ll have Taco Bell to enjoy while playing The Outer Worlds, so this is a win-win situation.

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Get a free month of Xbox Game Pass for PC from Alienware

Alienware is giving away thousands of codes for a free month of Xbox Game Pass for PC. While originally open to everyone, Alienware has now limited this offer to members that are Level 2 or higher. If you have an Alienware account that’s at least Level 2, here’s how to claim the free Xbox Game Pass code, according to the giveaway details:

  • Create or log into your Alienware Arena account
  • Click the “Get Key” button
  • Download and install the Xbox Beta App (update Windows, if needed)
  • Open the Xbox Beta App and sign in with your Microsoft account
  • Click the user profile button at top right and select “redeem a code”
  • Enter your code

If you take advantage of this free code, remember to turn on recurring payments to claim an additional free month of Game Pass for PC (or, if you already have Ultimate, 20 prorated free days).

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Get six months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $40

If you decide you like Game Pass, there’s a great deal for Game Pass Ultimate right now at Newegg. Using code EMCUTVY32 at checkout, you can get three months for $40, and you’ll get another three months on top of that for free. That comes out to a little over $6 per month over the six-month period–not bad. This stacks on top of existing memberships, but if you’re a new subscriber, be sure to claim the $1 deal at Microsoft before redeeming these three-month codes.

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