Share Your Animal Crossing: New Horizons Friend Code With This Cute App

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is out on Nintendo Switch, and fans are now eagerly building their island retreats. New Horizons takes players to a deserted island via the Nook Inc. charter plane. Once you arrive, you’ll create your own paradise by gathering natural resources, crafting items, and building a community from scratch–you can read all about it in our Animal Crossing: New Horizons review-in-progress.

Of course, Animal Crossing is more fun with friends, and fans have put together fun ways to share their friend codes and island names. First shared in a post on Reddit, this free Animal Crossing passport and boarding pass generator was created by user T0Rtur3 (with designs by user Celesmeh), and you can check out examples of what these look like below. When creating your passport, you can choose from a few stock character designs and stamps as well as input your name, friend code, and the name of your island. There aren’t a ton of customization options, but this is still a really cute way of sharing your friend code with other players.

The boarding pass doesn’t include a place to list your friend code, but you can list your real-life city, airport code, and seat number to generate what your own ticket aboard the Nook, Inc. charter might look like. After creating your boarding pass and passport, you can download them directly or actually print out.

There’s a ton of Animal Crossing merchandise out to celebrate the launch of New Horizons, and it’s all incredibly cute. Plus, be sure to check out GameSpot’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons review-in-progress for our impressions of the final game.

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