Super Mario Maker 2 level turns World 1-1 on its side

I know it seems like we’re highlighting one of these weird or fun Super Mario Maker 2 levels each day, but such is the size of its community and the depth of their creativity. There are almost too many impressive things being done.

Behold, World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros., turned on its side.

Made by DannyB, you’ll see the smattering of workarounds that help Mario get through the level, or to present enemies along their original paths. Otherwise, it’s a direct copy of 1-1’s layout, except it proceeds up and not to the right. The Mystery Boxes are in their original locations, but most seem to be inaccessible; the one mushroom Mario is able to dislodge is the secret extra life, not a power-up.

Still, the bottomless pit halfway through becomes a ledge to rest and plan the next jump. And no matter what you do, you’ll 100 percent the flagpole at the end. GG indeed, DannyB. The download code is 9M3-SNK-WRF.

And, in the spirit of this offbeat level, we present to you Speedycop’s Hippy Trippy Van:
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