What Happens When You 100% Super Mario 3D All-Stars: Nothing

Nintendo’s next big Switch release, Super Mario 3D All-Stars, is almost here–and there is something very important that completionists might want to know.

In playing through the collection, we discovered that when you reach 100% completion on all three titles in the package–a challenging and time-intensive challenge–you are rewarded with…nothing.

To be clear, Nintendo never said there would be any special reward or extras for reaching 100% completion on Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy. Still, you might not want to get too caught up in going for 100%, or maybe you will anyway because reaching 100% on a game is an achievement unto itself even if there is no reward.

For Mario Galaxy’s original release, players who 100% completed the game were given photos that went to your Wii message board and you could also send them to friends. But now in the All-Stars package, these photos are sent to your screenshot gallery.

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Super Mario 3D All-Stars launches on September 18 for Switch, but it will only be available until March 31, 2021. Also as part of Mario’s 35th anniversary celebration, Nintendo is releasing the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. device on November 13 for $50, though in limited qualities.

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