Zipper trolled Animal Crossing fans in the end

The vitriol around Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bunny Day event has become a meme, as people commiserate over their distrust of Zipper the bunny, or their hardships around endless eggs mucking up the base experience. April 12 marked the end of the festivities, but not before Zipper tasked players with a hilarious final ask.

All along, the goal of Bunny Day was for players to craft all of the Easter-themed items. At the end, Zipper promised players would get a prize. If you spoke to Zipper after completing your mission, he revealed that he had one last recipe for players to complete. This time, he wanted you to collect four of each egg type to craft … a Zipper toy.

You mean to tell me that days of sitting through villagers giving me endless egg “tips,” and dozens of betrayals from once-exciting whooshing sounds, were all so that I could make a permanent reminder of this creepy guy’s face? Are you serious right now?

But my initial shock at Zipper’s new DIY recipe request quickly turned into admiration and respect. The audacity of it all, especially in the wake of such widespread hatred and mockery against him. Zipper didn’t care. You were going to make him and you were going to like it. And then, at the end, your prize for making all those gaudy event items? An outfit-changing egg wand that honestly looks like a rainbow butt plug. I can’t.

I have my share of criticisms about Bunny Day, especially given Nintendo’s bizarre decision to stack three events on top of each other. I stand by those, and think the celebrations could have unfolded better than they did. But man, Zipper got the last laugh here, didn’t he?

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