A new Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming to PC and Xbox One

Microsoft announced that a new Flight Simulator game is coming to both Xbox One and PC during its press conference today, with the game being available through the Xbox Game Pass.

The game is just called Microsoft Flight Simulator, and it looks beautiful based on the trailer, but the only other thing we know about the game is that it uses Azure and satellite data to create its realistic world.


In the trailer we caught glimpses of a wide variety of flyable planes, from small two-seaters to massive 747s. The satellite data and the Azure engine brings the world to life, with a handful of real-world locations like the pyramids at Giza and the Seattle Space Needle.

The trailer also demonstrates some incredibly realistic weather effects, complete with heavy streaking rain and lighting strikes, which are sure to make your time in the skies a bit hectic.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will arrive on Xbox One and PC, and will be included for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. No release date has been confirmed yet.

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