Apex Legends' Bloodhound Is More Terrifying In Season 4: Assimilation

In Season 4: Assimilation, Respawn adds the death-obsessed Revenant to Apex Legends. But the synthetic nightmare isn’t the only scary addition to the battle royale game to come out of Season 4–a new buff to Bloodhound’s ultimate ability, Beast of the Hunt, has transformed the recon character into a much more terrifying hunter. For a dangerous combination, consider teaming Revenant and Bloodhound together in Duos mode during Valentine’s Day Rendezvous.

In Season 4, two legends got new buffs: Crypto and Bloodhound. Crypto can no longer destroy friendly Gibraltar Dome Shields with his EMP, giving the recon legend the chance to safely use his ultimate ability while teaming up with the friendly giant. Honestly, it’s only an okay change–the buffs to Crypto in late Season 3 seem a lot better.

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Bloodhound, on the other hand, got a great buff. Beast of the Hunt allows Bloodhound to easily track enemies to wherever they’re hiding by marking the path someone took while moving around the map. Originally, the ability only lasted a little over half a minute. Now, Beast of the Hunt can be extended by five seconds for every target that Bloodhound downs.

Note that this effect only requires you down an enemy–you don’t actually have to kill them in order to lengthen Beast of the Hunt. So if you manage to down the two members of a squad and then defeat a third enemy from another, netting you an extra 15 seconds of Beast of the Hunt, you could possibly have enough time to track down and finish off that second team.

Beast of the Hunt is already a terrifying ability. Bloodhound elicits a monstrous roar when it activates and there’s no way to really counter the skill other than finding a way to run away without touching anything (fly through the air on an Octane Jump Pad, for instance, or disappear Into the Void with Wraith). And now the hunter can extend the duration of their hunt just by using it for its intended purpose: taking targets out.

Imagine trying to run from a Bloodhound, knowing that as your teammates fall behind you, their sacrifice is only extending the chance that your foe will have enough time to ultimately hunt you down. If you want an example of this in action, check out Reddit user danthemandoris going on a two squad killing spree and securing first place all by themselves.

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