Apex Legends Season 5 Battle Pass Revealed–All Legendary, Epic, And Rare Rewards

Apex Legends Season 5: Fortune’s Favor is officially live. The new season adds Loba to Apex Legends, as well as a brand-new PvE mode, Quests, and a battle pass that’s full of rare, epic, and legendary rewards. The new season introduces plenty of in-game changes too, which are listed in the Season 5: Fortune’s Favor patch notes.

Below, you can see all the major rewards included in the Fortune’s Favor battle pass. That means we skip over rewards such as Apex Packs and Apex Coins to focus on the shinier prizes like legendary character and weapon skins. Though they are just as cool as brand-new skins or skydive emotes, we skip over the new music packs–it’s difficult to use a still image to showcase how something sounds. That said, we have listened to them and they are all pretty cool.

Like Apex Legends’ previous battle passes, you’ll need to complete daily and weekly challenges in order to unlock rewards in the Fortune’s Favor battle pass. You’ll get four new daily challenges every day at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. Once your daily challenges rotate out, the old ones are gone for good.

Every Tuesday at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET, you’ll get seven new weekly challenges. These tasks are more difficult or will take longer to complete, but you’ll have all season to finish them. Every week, you’ll also get three extra weekly challenges. One will always give you a battle pass level for completing five daily challenges in a week, the second nets you a battle pass level for completing 10 dailies, and the third provides battle pass levels for earning in-game experience.

You do have to buy the Fortune’s Favor battle pass in order to earn most of its rewards–only a small percentage are available on its free track. Just buying into the battle pass will cost 950 Apex Coins (just under $10 USD). If you completed Season 4: Assimilation’s battle pass, you’ll have enough–unless, of course, you’ve already spent the Apex Coins you earned. If you’re worried about completing the battle pass on time, then purchase the battle pass bundle. It costs a lot more–2,800 Apex Coins (just under $30 USD)–but gives you the battle pass and automatically unlocks the first 25 levels.

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