Apex Legends Season 5 Start Date Is Soon–S5: Fortune's Favor Adds Loba

Apex Legends will soon enter Season 5: Fortune’s Favor and developer Respawn Entertainment has provided details on what to expect. The new hero is named Loba (and she’s already appeared in-game), and she’s a thief who is on a quest for revenge after the loss of her parents. Though her abilities haven’t been officially revealed, we do have our theories–which we explain in the video below–and we get more of Loba and her skillset in the Season 5 launch trailer.

Season 5 also adds a new mode, Quests, which is a treasure-hunting adventure that will see players racing to uncover answers in order to receive a great reward. The season also brings a new Ranked series, which will begin in King’s Canyon and then move to World’s Edge in June–the opposite pattern of Season 4: Assimilation.

But when can we expect all this new content? Well, it’s a bit later than anticipated. Apex Legends Season 5 will now start on May 12, which is a week after the date that was originally assumed. One more limited-time event–Battle Armor–will be included in Season 4, and will see players start matches with body shields and a P2020 pistol already equipped. That’s live right now and will continue all the way until May 12.

Season 4: Assimilation is drawing to a close, following The Old Ways limited-time event that added a Bloodhound-themed town takeover to World’s Edge, implemented a permanent Duos mode, buffed Revenant, and transformed Lifeline into a more supportive combat medic.

The Season 4 battle pass is scheduled to conclude on May 12 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST. The battle pass will be locked at that point and you’ll no longer be able to complete Season 4 daily and weekly challenges. So if you haven’t finished the current battle pass and you still want some of those rare, epic, and legendary rewards, you have less than a month to do so.

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