Apex Legends Season 5 Start Date: Later Than We Thought?

Apex Legends will soon enter Season 5 and, if tradition holds, the new season will add another playable character, weapon, map changes or new map, and battle pass to Respawn’s battle royale game. We don’t know much about Season 5 (yet) but Respawn has already revealed that it will be a “pleasant surprise” for Titanfall fans.

But when can we expect all this new content? The short answer: later than anticipated. Apex Legends Season 5 will now start on May 12, which is a week later than planned. One more limited-time event–Battle Armor–will be included in Season 4, and will see players start matches with body shields and a P2020 pistol already equipped.

Season 4: Assimilation is drawing to a close, following The Old Ways limited-time event that added a Bloodhound-themed town takeover to World’s Edge, implemented a permanent Duos mode, buffed Revenant, and transformed Lifeline into a more supportive combat medic. Like Season 2: Battle Charge and Season 3: Meltdown, we can tell how much longer Season 4 is scheduled to go based on how much longer the current Apex Legends’ battle pass will remain available.

The Season 4 battle pass is scheduled to conclude on May 5 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST. The battle pass will be locked at that point and you’ll no longer be able to complete Season 4 daily and weekly challenges. So if you haven’t finished the current battle pass and you still want some of those rare, epic, and legendary rewards, you have less than a month to do so.

In the past, the time between seasons has shrunk more and more with Season 3 immediately rolling over into Season 4–the update for Assimilation went live around 10 AM PT. Respawn hasn’t confirmed that Season 5 will be the same (and there could be a chance it isn’t, given that the developer’s team members are all working from home) but presumably we can expect Season 5 to launch right after Season 4 ends. So Season 5 will probably launch on May 5, sometime around 10 AM PT.

At the very least, Respawn has already started teasing what’s coming in Season 5 with map changes to World’s Edge. In mid-April, a datapad appeared in The Dome that has a mysterious connection to Titanfall 2’s Effect And Cause level. This week, a second data pad has appeared–this one is in Sorting Factory, as discovered by Reddit user FrozenFroh. The first datapad hinted at secret tunnels beneath Kings Canyon’s Singh Labs, while the second implies there may be even more tunnels hidden on the western part of Apex Legends’ original map.

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