Batman: Arkham Origins Dev Is Not Ready To Show Its Game

It’s been five years since Batman: Arkham Knight concluded the trilogy of highly-regarded games featuring the iconic comic book character, and fans are starting to get antsy. While developer Rocksteady Games have been tight-lipped about offering any details about its “next big project,” the Twitter account of WB Games Montreal–which developed the 2013 series prequel Batman: Arkham Origins–tweeted some interesting concept art back in late 2019 and it appeared like an announcement could be coming soon. However, that now seems like it was premature, and the studio wants fans to know it isn’t ready announce a new project yet.

The studio has tweeted for the first time in four months to share a job posting seeking an animator. Shortly after that, it tweeted again with a statement that seemed to tease that it will be a while until we hear any more news about its next project. “Thank you very much for the enthusiasm for our next project. At this time, our channel will showcase the studio,” it reads in part.

Ever since the Montreal studio seemed to tease details about a new entry in the Arkham universe, certain quarters of the series’ fanbase have expressed frustration about a lack of communication. Those feelings came to a head last week, when Geoff Keighley confirmed that an upcoming announcement wasn’t going to be a new Batman game. That announcement ended up being a remaster of the first two Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games.

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