Borderlands 3 Fast Travel Explained, Biggest Borderlands Yet Will Be ‘Rife With Easter Eggs’

As part of today’s Borderlands 3 blowout, IGN had the opportunity to sit down and talk with creative director Paul Sage about how how fast travel will help players traverse planets in the biggest Borderlands yet.

In Borderlands 3, players can use their ship, the Sanctuary 3, to travel to planets for the first time. Players can continue to use the ship to travel between planets thereafter, but fast travel can be used to travel between points on these planets, and to other planets players have already visited.

“It is similar [to previous Borderlands games], except one of the things we looked at is ‘what would make fast travel more convenient?’ So we want to remove those barriers of people [feeling like they’re] retreading space,” said Sage.

“A lot of times it’s not fun to go back to where you’ve already been and you’ve kind of discovered everything, or something of that nature. For those people who feel that way, then we’ve added the ability to pull up your map and click on the ‘hey this is where I want to be right now.’ Fast travel’s kind of improved in that you can do it through your back menu now, you also can go to your hub at any time once you open up Sanctuary, once you get the ship, then you can just fast travel up to Sanctuary at any time as well.”

When asked about the overall size of Borderlands 3, Sage didn’t give an exact comparison to previous games, saying “We have a very different structure, we can actually visit different planets, we can go into our ship… ”

He further emphasized how it’s not just the size of Borderlands 3 that’s been bumped up, but the variety of environments throughout the game.

“One of the ways that we’re the biggest game ever for this franchise is just sheer art [assets] alone, the environments alone, as well as things like map size, player action skills – it goes into all of these different tendrils, that are scattered throughout the game. If anybody took one thing away, I’d say varied environments and the varied things you find are super expansive.”

Considering Gearbox filled Borderlands 2 to the brim with Easter eggs, we asked Sage about their place in Borderlands 3.

“It will be rife with Easter eggs,” said Sage. “The funny thing about Easter eggs, it’s like Fight Club. You can’t talk about Fight Club. You can’t talk about Easter eggs, or they wouldn’t be Easter eggs. But there are a ton – I can’t wait for people to start discovering them.”

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Reporting by Mitchell Saltzman. Find him on Twitter @JurassicRabbit.

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